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Threats To Business Without A Dependable Server Hosting Company

What defines Dependable Hosting Company?

Good, reliable, true, honest, safe, secure, steady-going, rock-steady are all synonyms of dependable. Instead of going on and on about what is dependable and how a superlatively dependable hosting company adds value to your business, we give the liberty to you the reader, to grasp the obvious. Let’s better focus on the element of risk which an unreliable hosting agency attracts.


Threats without Dependable Hosting…


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Can Cloud-Based Infrastructure Be Stopped?

Business leaders have largely embraced modern IT infrastructure, platform and software innovations throughout the past several years, with legacy systems quickly going the way of the dinosaur. What has become clear is that agile, affordable and elastic computing capabilities are not only in high demand, but simply necessary to competing in the modern, fast-paced markets present in virtually every industry and region. …


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Five Qualities of Stellar Colocation Services

Choosing a colocation is no less than choosing a business partner. You need to be assured of the commitment, the transparency of operations and last but not least, a long lasting dedication to the vision.

Housing your mission-critical business application at someone else's facility is a big decision and needs a careful discretion and long term planning. You may…


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Why Is Colocation So Hot Right Now?

In the past couple of years, colocation has gone from a term that many business leaders would not likely be able to define, to one that is at once high on the priority list and commonly incorporated into the corporate lexicon. This raises the question as to why colocation has become such a commonly sought-after set of solutions among businesses and public sector entities, and…


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The New Era Of Business Continuity

Many of the most exciting and popular new trends in corporate computing have had direct implications to disaster recovery and business continuity, including cloud hosting and colocation. From boosting the elasticity of operations through flexible, agile and seamless solutions to creating…


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Shared Hosting Vs Dedicated Hosting

With different hosting options like shared server hosting and dedicated server hosting available in the hosting world, it can become really confusing to make the right hosting choice for your website or application. So, let’s take a quick look at these hosting options to gain a better understanding.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a Service in which a Server and its allocated resources are shared among several users. All…


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