What kind of events are featured here? 

The Events feature is a great way to let members know about upcoming conferences, exhibitions, meetings, or event online chat sessions.
You can organise either online or offline events at any level - nationally or locally and publicise them here. You can even organize in-person meet ups.


Who can I invite? 

Invite anyone to join your event, even people who haven't yet joined the network.


How do I create an event? 

Each event can include a description section, a comment wall and a list of RSVPs. As an event creator, you can choose the features and privacy settings and send a broadcast message to everyone who has been invited to the event.

1.Go to the Events tab

2.Click the link to ‘Add an Event’.

3.Fill in the required information about your event. 4.Upload an image that's roughly square in size.

How do I change the event organiser? 

By default, any event you add to the network will appear as organized by you and will link to your profile page. You can change who the event is organized by in the ‘Organized By’ field.

How do the privacy settings work? 

Don't forget to choose the privacy settings for your event. Anyone can RSVP to a public event, while only invited people can RSVP to private events. Some information about private events will still be visible to all members of your network, including the title, start time, event type, and organizer. You can also choose to disable RSVP altogether or hide the guest list.
How do I send invitations? 

To spread the word about your event, invite people to attend it. You can invite people by typing in email addresses, selecting from your list of contacts within the network, importing from your web address book, or importing from an address book application. To invite people to an event, go to the event page and click the ‘Invite More People’ link.

How do I create an RSVP for an event?

 To RSVP to an event you've been invited to, head to the Events tab and click on the event you want to RSVP to. On the right side of the page, locate ‘Your RSVP’ box. Choose your RSVP option.

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