What is the Latest Activity feature?

Almost any action you take in our network will result in a ‘Latest Activity’ item, including changing your profile photo, replying to a forum thread, or joining a group.  What gets displayed is controlled in your personal profile settings.

How do I show my Latest Activities?

On your profile page you can set which events appear in the Latest Activity stream. Your options include: new content I add, new comments I add, new friends I add, when I update my profile, my events and my RSVPs.

How do I delete my latest activities?

You can delete any one of your own activities from the Latest Activity stream on the main page, and on your profile page by clicking the ‘x’ next to the activity you'd like to remove. To change which categories of events appear, click the ‘Settings’ link in the right column of the network and go to the ‘Privacy’ tab.

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