What is the Live chat?

The Live Chat feature allows you to participate in a live, real-time network-wide chat room as well as chat privately with other members of the network.


How does it work?

Participate in the chatroom directly from the main page of the network, (By clicking Chat in the Members tab you can also see a full page view of the chatroom). When you sign into our network, you will automatically appear as "online" in the chatroom.

If I don’t want to appear ‘online’ what do I do?

If you no longer wish to appear as online in the chatroom, you can set your status to ‘offline’. Locate the dropdown menu in the top corner of the Chat feature and select ‘offline’.

How do I start a chat?

In the right column of the Chat feature, a list of members currently in the chatroom appears. Clicking their profile photo pops up a dialogue box that allows you to view their profile on the network or initiate a private chat with them.

When the member accepts, you will be placed in your own separate chatroom. You can navigate back to the main chatroom at any time by clicking the ‘Main’ tab.
When another member wants to start a private chat with you, you'll see a yellow message at the bottom of the chatroom to let you know.

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