We have updated our site content policy for the Data Center Professionals Network (DCPN) as of 30th May 2011.   If you have any questions about this please don't hesitate to contact us.


What kind of content is appropriate for DCPN?

DCPN is intended for high educational and/or knowledge sharing content.  


This means we only accept blogs/videos/photos/discussions that serve to educate the members or instigate debate or discussions.  


We understand that sometimes you can only do this by comparing products or highlighting a product or service - so if there is a plug for your product or service at some point in the content this may be ok, but the main focus of the content must have a high knowledge value that serves to inform and educate the members.


I think my content is ok, but its still not accepted - how come?

One of the main reasons we may not initially approve your content is if its not tagged.  The best way for members to find content is to search - but this relies on you content being tagged and, in the case of videos & photos, having appropriate descriptions and titles.


Usually - we email you to ask you to update your content before we accept it.  However, in times of high workload we may not get round to contacting you for a while.  So if your content is sitting there waiting to be approved please check it is tagged etc.


Discussions & Articles

We only accept content that has a high knowledge value e.g. that serves to inform and educate the members, asks for help, or provides a clear business opportunity for the members.

We have also recently renamed our blogs feature to become articles. This is to avoid confusion whereby users were adding discussion topics using the blogs feature. 


We do not accept discussions or articles that are mainly product or service promotions - this includes articles that only serve to push the user to either another website or a whitepaper .  To promote your service or products please use the features on the business directory where you can add product promotions, videos, whitepapers etc.



There are two video libraries.  One on the data center professionals network and one on the business directory.   Both are managed independently.   


  • On the network we only allow videos that seek to inform/educate the members or else have a high interest value e.g. "how to" videos, training videos, data center tour videos, disaster videos, airflow videos, or even something funny.
  • On the business directory is the where you should add product and service promo videos.



There are two photo libraries.  One on the data center professionals network and one on the business directory.   Both are managed independently.   

  •  On the network we only allow photos that seek to inform/educate the members or else have a high interest value e.g. cabling examples, examples of best practice, examples of bad practice, generals data center photos, etc.
  • On the business directory is the where you should add product and service promo images.



You can post events for anything related to the industry e.g. webinars, roadshows, tradeshows, meetups, etc.


However, please ensure your event listing covers a specific event and not a whole series of events. An example of this is a company that adds one event that covers a number of other events e.g:

  • March 15 – “Meeting Custom Requirements Using Standards Solutions: How Do You Go There?”
  • March 16 – “Enable Data Center Infrastructure Management via Critical Monitoring: Ten Proactive Strategies to Deploy Today and be Ready for Tomorrow”
  • April 26 – “Using Data Center Energy Efficiency Assessments for Bottom Line Results”
  • May 25 – “Critical Advantages in Enterprise Data Center Design”

In future events such will need to be added as individual events on their respective dates. 


How about direct advertising - how do I promote my products or services?

There are two ways to do this:

  • Paid advertising on DCPN.  We have ad-spots available throughout the site and can easily promote your products & services via video and ad-spaces throughout the network.  
  • Network Sponsorship. You can also sponsor the network or parts of the network e.g. sponsor the training section, or members directory etc.
  • Member Newsletters.  Via our network emails e.g. network newsletters, focused broadcast messages, etc 
  • Promotion on the 'Data Center Industry Business Directory".  The business directory is purely commercial.  It is meant to be the place for you to promote your company, products and services.  The directory has many features to help you do this, including video, whitepapers, images, press releases, blogs and direct advertising.  This is a very comprehensive offering for any business wanting to market itself in the industry.  To get started go to www.datacenterindustry.biz and create your business account.




Please contact us to find out more.

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