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Cyfuture rolls out attractive offers for first 50 channel partners

June 21, 2017: Cyfuture India (P) Ltd. (formerly Cyber Futuristics) - a premier data center services firm – today announced an alluring offers for first 50 channel partners, in a view to further strengthening the client base of the Company by delivering affordable hosting solutions to clients.

“The first 50 channel partners enrolled with us, will get enticing offers”, Cyfuture CEO Mr. Anuj Bairathi announced.

He further added “We perceive the significance of having strong…


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Go4Hosting- The Ultimate Destination for High End Dedicated Servers in India

Good things can get better and this is what is happening in case of highly reliable hosting solutions being offered by one the most reputed service providers in India. Are you looking for High End Dedicated Servers in India? You search stops at Go4hosting! This cannot get any bigger!

The extremely attractive pre-launch offer by Go4Hosting for dedicated hosting entitles you to avail huge discounts on high end dedicated servers for your business critical operations. This is probably one…


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Go4Hosting Offers Dedicated Servers Specifically Designed To Manage Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce website hosting is requires a different approach than conventional hosting solutions. You need a highly advanced and features-rich hosting platform as there are many additional features and functions that have to be taken into consideration such as online shopping cart‚ SSL, database support, shopping cart and payment processing. Besides all these there must be extra focus on the security aspects. Extraordinarily sharp and advanced security provisions are imperative to run and…


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Go4Hosting Announces Launch Of Powerful Dedicated Servers For Hosting High Traffic Websites And Apps

Go4Hosting‚ the leading web hosting provider from India has launched new dedicated servers for high traffic websites and apps. Known for their cutting-edge server technologies and amazing customer service‚ Go4Hosting is the clear and undisputed favorite of organizations looking for a server hosting provider with superior technologies and maximum uptimes.

“We are delighted to announce that we have launched dedicated servers to exclusively meet the hosting needs of high traffic websites…


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The Biggest Data Center In Noida NSEZ Coming Soon

With a focus on delivering cloud data solutions, go4hosting , a premier Noida based hosting service has put in place plans to expand its facilities in Noida with an initial investment of INR 50 crores.

When ready, this new data center will have an initial capacity of 500 racks. This addition is expected to strongly reinforce the company’s already existing infrastructure at Noida and Jaipur.

As per Anuj Bhairathi, Founder & CEO of Go4hosting, the data center market in the…


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Go4Hosting Enticing Customers With Their 2+2 Offer On Dedicated Server

Pay for 2 years and get your own dedicated server for 4 years”, shouts the promotional of Go4Hosting, a leading Noida based hosting service.

This exciting offer is targeted to businesses that want to experience matchless website performance, top end security and high powered control on their computing resources.

In the web hosting market, a dedicated server refers to an environment where the client buys rental of a computing infrastructure exclusively for its use. The…


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Go4Hosting Offering Clients Free Demo On Dedicated Server Hosting

With performance driven computing resources, comprehensive control and flexibility features, Go4Hosting’s dedicated server is guaranteeing clients, matchless website performance.

Dedicated server hosting, as the name implies is dedicated exclusively to a client and is not shared among multiple users. The client can select its own operating system and hardware components according to its business requirements.…


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Go4Hosting Reputation Soars As The Leading Web Hosting Service Wins The Coveted Best Customer Service Award

Go4Hosting, the premier web hosting provider in India has been awarded the best customer service award. It is a commendable achievement as the company operates in the highly competitive web hosting service industry and would have had to deliver something really special and spectacular to be bestowed this coveted award.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have won the best customer service award because customer service is the core principle on which the company operates,” says the CEO Ahuj…


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Go4Hosting Offering Matchless Website Performance With Enhanced Control

Go4Hosting, a Noida based leading hosting service provider is consolidating its position as a vendor capable of delivering outstanding hosting and data center services.

With well-equipped data centers in addition to quality resources, guaranteed 99.95% network uptimes, and user friendly solutions backed by reliable customer services, Go4Hosting is making notable headway in the hosting market.

This premier hosting vendor is presenting state of the art…


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Reasons to Choose Colocation Server Hosting for your Business

Colocation server hosting is basically the practice of placing your servers within a data center so as to achieve economies of scale, improved infrastructure, better bandwidth and technical supports, enhanced security measures etc. The colocation server hosting provider will offer space within a data center so that clients can set up their servers in it; the provider will also offer power supplies, IP addresses, cooling mechanisms and bandwidth to the clients so that they can deploy and use…


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Cloud CDNs Hosting Helps Website Get Better Visibility and Faster Access

Content delivery network (CDN) is a huge distribution system of networks on the internet that duplicates the content on the web on to the various servers located across the globe. The user searching for any content gets access to the content from the nearest server to his location at a faster pace than what has been the case in the past. Cloud CDN hosting is one of the latest emerging technologies offering cost efficient solution in providing content to everyone irrespective of their…


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Go4Hosting Dedicated Hosting Service Sees A Surge In Demand Among New Customers

Go4Hosting, the premier data center and cloud hosting solutions provider has announced that there is a significant increase in demand for their dedicated hosting solutions in the recent months. The popular hosting service has been announcing many limited-time offers and schemes to improve the popularity of their hosting services. The move clearly seems to have had the desired results.

“We have observed with great delight that there has been a steady increase in demand for our…


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Go4Hosting Enters The United States Market With a Bang

Go4Hosting, the leading hosting service provider from India has entered the United States market with a bang. The reliable server hosting company with a huge and growing client database has established itself as an undisputed leader in this domain on the strength of their superior technology and unmatched customer service. They are hoping to make a similar impact in the US market over the next few years.

“We are proud to announce that we have made a solid debut in the United States…


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Various Factors that are causing Businesses to Move to Hybrid Cloud AU

Businesses world over are moving to the cloud for their web hosting requirements. It is far more reliable and affordable than the traditional form of hosting. Cloud services are available in three models of public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. Businesses in Australia too have considered the benefits of the cloud environment. Hybrid cloud hosting AU has been recognised as an ideal hosting platform among the small and medium businesses.

What is hybrid…


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Go4Hosting Announces Exciting Cloud Server India 50% Cash Back Offer

the leading hosting service known for their innovative cloud hosting solutions that are customized to match client requirements, has announced an exciting cloud server India 50% cash back offer which rolls out immediately. Available to all new customers who prefer to buy cloud hosting solutions from this leading and reputable hosting solutions company, the offer is expected to drive hordes of…


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Go4Hosting VPS Hosting Service Now Available With 1+1 Exclusive Offer For Limited Period

Go4Hosting, the premier web hosting service that’s preferred by most organizations for all their website and applications hosting needs, has announced an attractive and enticing 1+1 Holi exclusive VPS hosting offer for a limited period of time. The offer is available for both Linux and Windows VPS server hosting services.

“We are happy to offer our customers…


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Top 5 Reasons to opt for Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting has started becoming popular among mid-sized and large companies since 2012 because of substantial development in the fields of capabilities and features. Multiple attractive attributes are there for the businesses and individuals who need demanding websites, having significantly high traffic. If you are looking for an advanced form of hosting solution, more control over your data, and enhanced security dedicated server hosting is the solution. However, if a business…


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Windows VPS Hosting- Is It The Right Choice?

Businesses that are considering the pros and cons of Windows VPS hosting, might be asking if this is the correct option for them. This type of hosting is ideal for businesses that require benefits, and dedicated resources. On a shared server, you may not have the type of bandwidth you need or the freedom to add the types of applications and tools your website requires. That is not to say that a shared server is not alright for those starting out with an online venture. It is perfect for…


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Go4Hosting Makes VPS Server Solutions More Exciting For New Customers With The One Plus One Offer

Go4Hosting, the leading hosting service provider with an impeccable track record of delivering the most powerful hosting solutions has announced a new exciting offer for new customers. They can now avail of an exclusive one plus one offer on the VPS server hosting plans of the company.

“We are glad to announce an exciting and hard-to-refuse offer for new customers looking for VPS server hosting service,” says Anuj Bairathi, the CEO of Go4Hosting.  “We are committed to provide our…


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Go4Hosting Announces An Impressive Cloud Server India 50% Cash Back Offer

Go4Hosting, the premier hosting service provider with an impeccable reputation for delivering high quality service using the latest technologies, has announced cloud server India 50% cash back offer for those ordering their cloud server solutions. This offer will make the service more attractive and extremely affordable, especially for startups looking for a features-rich yet affordable cloud…


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