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Stuxnet and the Threat to Mission Critical Infrastructure

Many of you probably heard about Stuxnet, the malware that infected monitoring and control system PLCs in the Iranian nuclear program. The Stuxnet worm was able to damage centrifuges used to purify uranium at a highly secure facility in Iran. The result of the infection and infrastructure damage was that the Iranian’s quest for nuclear weapons suffered a serious setback.

The idea that a computer worm could cause damage to physical infrastructure was almost completely unprecedented. The…


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Space Weather. Too weird a topic?

I have a hobby. I like astronomy. I have a little telescope that I use to check comets, moons and planets. I am also a data center professional, movie fan and amateur writer. Recently, those seemingly disparate interests converged into a kind of “out there” idea.

You may have heard of the new movie “2012”; where the world comes to an end? I was thinking about that movie, solar astronomy and data centers the other day and was able to connect the dots. I wrote an article on the subject and… Continue

Added by Eric Gallant on November 3, 2009 at 21:13 — 2 Comments

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