Data centers Are Going Hyperscale and Here are the Reasons

Before we dive deep into why Datacenters are going hyper-scale, let us understand what ‘Hyperscaling’ exactly means. Considering the high-end computing technologies involved, data centers are generally large-scaled but not necessarily Hyperscale.

IT giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have built enormous complexes over hundreds of acres of land and housing thousands of computing resources. This has changed the way we define ‘Scaling’ when it comes to data centers. We say Hyperscale Datacenters are the future because they provide unmatched scalability to handle global applications that have millions of users.

Here are the reasons as to why datacenters are going hyper-scale:

Rising Popularity of Cloud and Big Data:

The rising popularity of cloud computing and big-data have pushed datacenters to go Hyperscale. A recent survey conducted by Cisco states, big data will consume around 30% of Datacenter storage. Whereas, 95% of data center operations will be consumed by cloud computing traffic. The survey also states that around 50% of cloud hosting companies will have to move towards Hyperscale architecture by 2021.

Evolution of IoT and Consumer Devices:

The huge amounts of data generated by consumer usage is a big addition to the already existing data from biometric devices, sensors, healthcare devices, geospatial applications, gaming apps and more. The problem is managing such huge amounts of data, which involves building scalable storage and processing it. Hyperscale cloud server providers give companies the much-needed scalability, availability, and performance when they want to upgrade to newer technologies. Companies can easily integrate machine learning, AI, and advanced analytics to their businesses.

Cost Efficiency:

Hyperscale datacenters provide improved performance, which in turns save time, effort and money for the users. Companies that opt for hyper-scale infrastructure from Cloud service providers have seen major cost savings in terms of support costing, power and space benefits.

At present the Indian data center market only contributes to about 3% of the total Hyperscale market around the globe. As the demands continue to increase, we will see a rise in hyper-scale cloud hosting companies in India too. Considering the extremely price sensitive India market, cost-efficiency drives more customers automatically.

Energy Efficiency:

Apart from going hyper-scale, data centers also need to go Green and energy efficient in today’s times. Datacenters are becoming more energy efficient with the inclusion of smart technologies like AI and Machine Learning. Moreover, IT leaders like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and IBM have built their data centers near renewable energy sources

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