Go4Hosting- The Ultimate Destination for High End Dedicated Servers in India

Good things can get better and this is what is happening in case of highly reliable hosting solutions being offered by one the most reputed service providers in India. Are you looking for High End Dedicated Servers in India? You search stops at Go4hosting! This cannot get any bigger!

The extremely attractive pre-launch offer by Go4Hosting for dedicated hosting entitles you to avail huge discounts on high end dedicated servers for your business critical operations. This is probably one of the biggest offers declared by any reputed service provider in India. It has shattered the myth that premium dedicated servers are expensive and hence out of the reach of startups of SMBs.

Dedicated host for dedicated server
Searching for the right host that owns and operates impeccable data centers and offers branded resources including servers and networking equipment can be really overwhelming. This is because majority of so called service providers belong to the category of reseller hosts. Therefore one should carefully examine reputation and credentials of the proposed host before signing SLAs.

One of the most sought after service providers that offer high end dedicated servers in India is Go4Hosting. You can avail tailor made hosting plans and highly scalable architecture to support your busy website and other web applications.

With Go4Hosting as your reliable host for dedicated server hosting, you can sit back and enjoy the facility of free initial setup. This unique facility ensures that the expert team from Go4Hosting will take care of the first installation of hardware as well as software.

High end server features
Go4Hosting follows a no-compromise attitude in terms of server specifications. You can expect only the best in class dedicated servers from HP or IBM and nothing less than that. These premium servers are backed by 100 percent original server hardware components and fully customizable hosting plans.

Enterprise grade dedicated servers are backed by choice of the latest operating systems. You can carry out your business operations by availing the latest versions of Linux or Windows operating environments. Go4Hosting cares about uniqueness of every business venture and offers a broad choice of more than 200 prebuilt OS templates. These pre-configured and preset applications can be used in wide array of combinations to match distinct needs of your business.

Seamless control and monitoring
Go4Hosting is a renowned for the wide array of benefits provided to users of dedicated server hosting in India. You can always count on their passionate technical support team that can be accessed anytime via email, live-chat, or telephone.

The facility of free remote reboot through a user-friendly web interface enables full root access to server. Your dedicated server is programmed for ordering reboot as per requirement. It is extremely easy to get your server back in action by recovering the lost data.
The facility of server root access is essentially designed to enable total control of server environment by the user. The comprehensive facility can be exploited even for hosting multiple websites. Go4Hosting facilitates users of dedicated hosting to host third party applications, game servers and any other software applications as deemed necessary by users. You can also enjoy anonymity of login by leveraging the key based access.

Performance analytics and extensive monitoring can enrich hosting experience. Go4Hosting provides free NAGIOS account to enable highly efficient monitoring for robust administration. Remarkable network monitoring practices backed by a preset NAGIOS based infrastructure powers your dedicated server hosting by offering in depth insights into performance analytics.

Instant support and data integrity
Users of Go4Hosting dedicated hosting need not worry about uploading of applications. The amazing 1GBPS port ensures that your applications are deployed instantly with virtually no latency at all. The process of deployment is further augmented with help of user friendly web based control panel.

If your mission critical website is designed to handle critical data including financial or scientific information, then you can rest assured about the flawlessness of the data. The premium feature of ECC memory helps detect and fix any instance of data corruption or associated errors. Error Correcting Code is widely used in mission critical computers for maintaining seamless integrity of data.

Data center- core of hosting
Go4Hosting prides itself for the state of the art Tier III data centers that are located in low seismic zones in northern India. These dependable infrastructures ensure matchless performance of your dedicate server with redundant power and networking support.

These facilities are well equipped with superior cooling mechanism as well as impregnable security measures. High end security systems of Go4Hosting data centers include biometric access controls, mantraps, continuous CCTV monitoring, and armed guards at the entrance of premises.

To top it all an SLA backed assurance of 99.95 percent uptime by Go4Hosting underlines the basic purpose of a truly reliable data center. The clustered cloud environment implemented by Go4Hosting ensures matchless uptime that is further boosted by high end technology and use of enterprise grade hardware for building networking infrastructure.

Users of Go4Hosting dedicated servers are empowered with two public IP addresses. You can implement a highly organized web presence with help of multiple IP addresses that facilitate your computers to interact with different networks simultaneously. These IP addresses also help you continue your business operations without any hassles in critical situations.

Significance of a dedicated server for excellent resource availability and dependable security is a bygone conclusion. One needs to find a service provider that empowers your dedicated hosting with state of the art servers in order to explore the real benefits of premium dedicated hosting. Go4Hosting is your final destination for availing high end dedicated servers in India.

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