Hire the Services of a Quality VPS Hosting Provider in India

A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine that is sold as a service rather than a product by firms offering web hosting services. Virtual dedicated servers find a place somewhere between dedicated server hosting and shared hosting. VPS mimics a dedicated server hosting environment though the fact is that they are installed on a physical server that hosts multiple other sites.

A good VPS hosting provider in India will give account holders super level access to these servers and they have their own copy of the operating system. This allows the account holders to install and run any copy of the software and application that is supported by that particular OS.

In the following paragraphs we shall deal in detail with what actually a VPS server is, how it functions, its various features and benefits among other things.

We shall also delve upon the importance of hiring the services of a quality VPS hosting provider in India to derive the maximum benefit that VPS hosting offers.

VPS Web Hosting Explained

Virtual private hosting is one of the newer forms of web hosting which is fast gaining popularity especially among smaller and midsized organization. A hybrid of shared hosting and dedicated hosting, VPS gives you the power and control of dedicated hosting with the cost advantage of shared hosting.

Virtual private servers appear as a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. In simpler terms a VPS server is a part of a physical server residing in a data centre which has been virtually portioned and isolated from other users to have its own set of dedicated resources. Account holders are promised a certain amount of storage space, RAM, bandwidth, etc and they are bound to get it irrespective of how many other users are present on the same physical server.

Virtual private servers provided by a well-known and established VPS hosting provider in India as such replicate a dedicated server in spite of being a part of a physical server that is hosting multiple websites. This is the real power of VPS hosting that attracts many organizations that have limited resources but want the control offered by dedicated server at a much reduced cost.

Why Organizations Prefer VPS Hosting?

The higher level of control and security offered by VPS is the primary reason people prefer this type of hosting over shared hosting. Some organizations may not need or require all the resources that have been allotted to them by a quality VPS hosting provider in India. Their hosting demands can be easily met by a shared server hosting, but the additional control and security offered by VPS hosting makes it the preferred choice.

As mentioned above VPS hosting mimics a dedicated hosting environment within a shared hosting environment. This is another major advantage offered by it as organizations hoping to see an expansion in their business activities in future may wish to have certain experience in dedicated hosting before going for a full fledged dedicated server.

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