Is Public Cloud More Secure Than The Traditional IT Infrastructure?

Moving to cloud hosting is nothing new. In the recent years, cloud has been trending all over for good reasons. The debate over public cloud and traditional IT remains as influencing as ever. CIOS of the organizations is highly responsible to deciding where the business needs to go. Is cloud the right choice or would data centers prove beneficial?


Public Cloud vs. On-premises Security Solutions

Organizations are rapidly moving their business applications and process to cloud probably because they understand its privileges over the conventional technologies. What drives and captivates users are the incomparable features such as elasticity, resiliency, scalability, ease of deployment and maintenance, functionality and more.


Comparatively, public cloud brings along better security layers, as it uses a combination of both AI system and pattern matching technology that hunts for attackers. With these strong security systems, chances of your system being compromised are relatively low. However, arguments on cloud security often pop up, but that usually come from those with mere insight to the technology. Experts still claim that cloud technology is much more secure and safer than the enterprise datacenter servers.


Not to be biased, but the technologies implemented within the conventional data centers environment were formulated to support the complexities of an earlier era. Now threats have grown even stronger and to tackle the potential new risks that stands right in front, we need sophisticated and advanced level solutions. On-premises use a mixture of old technologies that doesn’t work as much effectively as it should. To fight the growing number of threat, cloud came into action.


Hackers specifically target enterprise data center because the aging systems and technologies let them do so. Since the count of attackers is increasingly constantly, organizations need to defeat hackers proactively. Ultimately, you’ll need to adapt cloud technology that states public cloud is a more secure platform than on-premises.


Cloud scales with your growing business and gives you the flexibility to add more applications and protection layers to your changing business, along with cost-efficiency.


However, cloud security isn’t the right option for every organization. When you debate on the two major technical terminologies, you need to take into account the compatibility of your business applications with cloud. Cloud doesn’t provide compliant solutions and in case of some compliance issue, you can go for on-premises offerings.


Which is better: Public Cloud or On-premise data center?

Enterprises invest large on data security and breach can break their business completely. The strategies will work for you only if you ensure to plan things rightly and put every aspect in place. So no matter whether it is cloud or on-premise, without proper planning and coordination, you can’t expect things to go right. The conclusion here is that organizations must find security solutions that would perform effectively and deliver their primary objective, which is to protect user systems.

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