Storage is Boring, and here is the Evidence

To paraphrase a former chief editor of mine: storage is boring. You have a disk, and you put stuff on it. Finito, there is no more to it than that. Nothing to see here, move along. Unfortunately, he does have a point. Not much is happening in terms of technological or even functional breakthroughs.

When I was an editor at IDG, there was very little news in terms of storage. Data warehousing maybe, SANs or NAS's. Too bad it was seldomly
ripe for a good article. Disks get bigger and faster and that is it. I mean come on: IT departments are still using tape. I mean, I used tape when I was a 4 year old toying away on a Commodore 16! As you can imagine, the articles we wrote on the subject were hardly ever read

One of the most tell tale signs that storage is not where the action is, comes from all the 'trendwatchers' that point to 'trends' within storage. For years now, SSD is pointed out as THE hot topic here. "They are getting cheaper!", "They are getting more durable!", "It's great for tiering!", you know the drill.

That was great four years ago, when having a USB stick with a gig was something of a luxury. But it is less great in this day and age.

Just before the weekend, I stumbled upon this article at Techtarget. It, again, confirmed that my former chief is right. The article sums up 'Three Data Center Storage trends of 2010', as described by analyst Jerome Wendt. Guess what the number one trend for this year is: It is the same trend we had in 2009, 2008 and 2007.

The second one the article mentions is also yawn inducing interesting: Sub volume optimization. A new term for an old principle, because basically it means tiering across individual disks. Kudos to mr. Wendt though for describing it with such zest.

The third trend, absolutely glistering in its not-newness is thin provisioning. This is so elevating that I will refrain from going into the details for this.

Other things to look out for? Well, there is the well-seasoned concept of FCoE.

Storage just is not sexy, it will not be sexy and more worrying: the buzz has been repeating itself for years now.

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