The Top 50 Data Center Industry Blogs (in our opinion)...

Hopefully, with your help, we are going to maintain neutral list of what you, our members consider the most informative blogs in the data center industry!
We have started off with a list of what we think are the 50 most informative blogs on the net based on:

  • Quality of information
  • Frequency of posts
  • Time since last post
  • Blog is not press releases
  • Not a vendor promotional blog (i.e. contains a high degree of useful content)
But we are sure you have your own opinions.  


So please review the list below and tell us what you think should (or should not) be included.  


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  1. A Blueprint for the Cloud (Barton George from Dell)
  2. BCS Data Centre Group
  3. Cool IT Blog
  4. CTO Edge (Julius Neudorfer)
  5. Data Center Apparatus (TechTarget)
  6. Data Center Design
  7. Data Center Edge (Arthur Cole)
  8. Data Center Information (John Rath)
  9. Data Center Journal
  10. Data Center Knowledge
  11. Data Center Map Blog (Sune Christesen)
  12. Data Center Networks (Cisco)
  13. Data Center Post
  14. Data Center Pulse
  15. Data Center Solutions
  16. Data Center Stocks
  17. DataCenterDynamics (Carrie Higbie)
  18. DataCenterDynamics (Ian Bitterlin)
  19. Digital Realty Trust Knowledge Library
  20. Efficient Data Centers (From Jack Pouchet of Emerson)
  21. Enterprise IT Planet
  22. Gartner (Richard Jones)
  23. GigaOM
  24. Green (Low Carbon) Data Center Blog
  25. Green Data Center News
  26. Green IT Review
  27. Greener Computing (GreenBiz)
  28. GreenMonk
  29. InsideHPC
  30. Loose Bolts (Mike Manos)
  31. Microsoft Data Centers
  32. Network Computing (Data Center)
  33. Next at Microsoft (Steve Clayton)
  34. nlyte blog
  35. Paolo Gorgo (Seeking Alpha)
  36. Perspectives (James Hamilton)
  37. Processor
  38. Rational Survivability (Chris Hoff)
  39. SearchDataCenter
  40. ServerTech Blog
  41. Simply Security
  42. Smart Grid
  43. Studies Data Center Networking... (Brad Hedlund from Cisco)
  44. The Hot Aisle (Steve O'Donnell)
  45. The Server Room (Intel)
  46. Uptime Institute Blog
  47. Uptime Institute N Plus One
  48. Utilities and IT (Mark Bramfitt)
  49. Wisdom of Clouds
  50. ZDNet

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