Threats To Business Without A Dependable Server Hosting Company

What defines Dependable Hosting Company?

Good, reliable, true, honest, safe, secure, steady-going, rock-steady are all synonyms of dependable. Instead of going on and on about what is dependable and how a superlatively dependable hosting company adds value to your business, we give the liberty to you the reader, to grasp the obvious. Let’s better focus on the element of risk which an unreliable hosting agency attracts.


Threats without Dependable Hosting Company


In current times data is being created and consumed everywhere. To give you a perspective 72 hours of YouTube videos gets uploaded every minute. Be it financial transaction, business email, a simple Facebook post, online shopping, every transaction gets recorded and stored, creating data. All this data requires to be secured, let alone misused even losing data to viruses or malwares is unacceptable.


Data integrity and security is under constant risk from outside attempts of theft and also from internal users. Internal users can also willingly compromise data for personal gains. The three fundamental aspects of data security are confidentiality (data privacy, authentication of users), integrity (safekeeping data) and availability (authorized use). Meeting these security standard poses a tough challenge for hosting companies.


Client is connected to server, and the server in turn is connected to the internet, defining the network as depicted in the image below. Data is flowing through these channels. And servers are vulnerable to malware or virus attacks.  


Consider the following Breaches


  • A server gets DDoS Distributed Denial of Service attack breaching firewall; nobody including the administrator can access the data on servers.


  • A server gets hacked and is then used to send spam emails; the email service provider blocks the particular DNS server. Hence all users including the legitimate ones on this particular server are refrained from sending emails.

These are nightmares to hosting companies but thanks to some hard to breach firewalls keeping such attacks at bay. It is clear that good hosting companies not just host data, they ensure it is secure, accessible and is in safe hands.


What do the threats mean exactly?


Think of a person using a bank locker to keep his valuables safe.  The bank locker room has a number of lockers used by different individuals and the onus lies on banks to secure each one of them. There are pre-defined safety protocols which ensure a user can only access his own locker and not others. This requires the bank in its capacity as a safe-keeper to render best security measures. Will a person use the services of a bank incapable of safeguarding its valuables? I bet the answer would be a big No. Similar is the case with Data Hosted on Hosting Company’s servers. The above analogy draws comparisons between the roles of Hosting companies to that of a bank. It is imperative that a server hosting services Provider Company should be dependable.


Physical Risk: This is the risk of having stored data at a third party server whose physical whereabouts and security are not in your control. This threat can be mitigated by deploying 24x7 Physical Security, video surveillance, restricted access & biometric access to protect your data.


Failure Risk: This is a business risk. Ideally a server should yield 100% runtime and issues should get resolved in real-time without stopping it.

To overcome this risk, it is crucial to have a team of professionals dedicated to continuously troubleshoot issues.


A dependable server Hosting company meets these requirements, user expectations and achieves excellence through them. It’s not a question of should’s, but it is all about must’s.That’s what being dependable entails.


The success of your business and the kind of user experience you are able to render to your customers, to a great extent, depends on the kind of dedicated server hosting company you choose. Select a company based on infrastructure and the kind of Support they are ready to provide in case of downtimes and any contingency.  

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