I would be the worst data center manager in the world. The reason is very simple: I am very disorganised, and that is probably one of the worst traits to have when you are trying to run an IT facility. As I write this, paperwork is scattered all over my desk, there are countless of browser windows opened at the same time, and the cabling of my one desktop computer reminds me of the plate of spaghetti I ate today, If that is problematic for me, how hard would it be to organise a data center?

However, there are many best practices out there to keep a data center organised and tidy. Some of the tricks of this trade are mentioned by this article in Processor magazine: virtualisation and cloud computing, cabling management (something that is already beyond me), raised flooring even if you supply everything from above (in the event of a ruptured water pipe. And yes, it DOES happen...), detailed maps and blueprints (to prevent said ruptured water pipe because someone started drilling a hole where he should not have. Again, this DOES happen) and getting a good rack layout.

So let's say the sloppiest person in the world (ie. me) would start his own data center: Are there any other tips you like to share with us? In what way do you keep your data center manageable?

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