Top 5 Reasons to opt for Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting has started becoming popular among mid-sized and large companies since 2012 because of substantial development in the fields of capabilities and features. Multiple attractive attributes are there for the businesses and individuals who need demanding websites, having significantly high traffic. If you are looking for an advanced form of hosting solution, more control over your data, and enhanced security dedicated server hosting is the solution. However, if a business or individual has sites with low traffic inflow, opting for dedicated hosting will be a monetary loss. These kinds of businesses can get better service if they opt for more affordable solutions such as VPS or shared hosting solutions. Now, let us sum up the reasons why a business having high traffic should choose dedicated servers. Though there are innumerable reasons for choosing this hosting solution, this article will list the most important ones:

Reason 1: From the name itself it is clear that the server is dedicated for use by a single business or individual. You will neither share space for storing data nor share server resources with any other business because the entire server is dedicated for your purpose. It is completely up to you when to reset it or restart. All the customizations can be done in accordance with your preference. There is no requirement to wait for any other business’s needs.

Reason 2: When the attributes, specifications, and usage of dedicated server hosting are compared with that of other kinds of hosting services, it can be adjudged superior to all of them. If the need is to get best possible hosting service and budget is not a constraint, dedicated hosting solutions are necessary.

Reason 3: Security factor is the main reason why businesses having the need of secured transaction of data as well as uncompromised data storage opt for this kind of dedicated server. There is nothing that is shared in this kind of hosting. Whether it is the root access resource or storage space, nothing will be shared by one user with another. That’s why the term “dedicated” is so relevant.

Reason 4: When the performance of websites hosted in dedicated servers is compared with other sites hosted in other kinds of hosting solutions (say, VPS or shared), result in the former is far better than that of the latter ones. Dedicated server hosting solutions are far better equipped in dealing with sudden surge in traffic, generally found in eCommerce sites during season’s sales and other festive seasons. As these servers are completely dedicated for one user’s usage needs, the specifications and resource found here are the best. In fact, that’s the primary reason why the performance provided is of highest quality and class. During sudden spike in traffic, these servers are better equipped to enhance the server resources and space so that there is no downtime or slowness in the output.

Reasons 5: If your business needs any customization, you simply have to ask your technician for the service. You can also do it yourself. There is no need to wait for agreement with other users because the dedicated server hosting is meant completely for you.

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