Various Factors that are causing Businesses to Move to Hybrid Cloud AU

Businesses world over are moving to the cloud for their web hosting requirements. It is far more reliable and affordable than the traditional form of hosting. Cloud services are available in three models of public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. Businesses in Australia too have considered the benefits of the cloud environment. Hybrid cloud hosting AU has been recognised as an ideal hosting platform among the small and medium businesses.

What is hybrid cloud?

To have a clear picture of what exactly a hybrid cloud is and its advantages to the businesses one should know a few details about public and private clouds. In public cloud clients share the space with other organisations and depend on the resources from third parties that offer hosting services. Businesses in Australia are leading in the use of the clouds for their critical applications and this trend is likely to rise further.  Private cloud implies a secured and isolated cloud based environment for a single organisation.  The resources are not shared with other customers and the client alone takes benefits of all the infrastructure and resources. More and more organisations are shifting their hosting preferences to the hybrid cloud hosting AU. Hybrid cloud is a blend of the two using the services of the on-premises private cloud and third party public cloud. The client is also allowed to transfer the data and operations between the two platforms. With hybrid the clients gets the best features of public cloud like scalability and pay-as-you-use cost saving while giving total control and enhanced security as experienced in a private cloud.

Infrastructure savings:

Hybrid cloud hosting AU has become a crucial hosting solution for start-ups too. They are saved of the capital expenses involved in an on-premises infrastructure and are also saved from investing on various equipments. The pay-as-you-use model has attracted not only the start-ups but also the well established organisations. It relieves them from buying unwanted resources and allows them to use the savings on business development.

Security Concern:

Though cloud has become a trend these days there are still many organisations that are apprehensive about the security environment in the public cloud. They now have a good solution by going in for hybrid cloud hosting AU as they can use the private cloud for all their critical and confidential operations. They are not affected by the higher cost that private cloud incurs as they use the pay-as-you-use model.

Additional benefits:

By using the hybrid cloud hosting AU services organisations cal enjoy considerable benefits.

It includes

The clients can draw resources from both the clouds as and when required. They are allowed to move data from the private cloud space to public and vice versa and create additional resources at peak times as per their requirements.

Hybrid cloud ensures that the resources are always available and ensures more efficiency and continuity without any hindrance for better performance of the business.

In the hybrid cloud environment the client has its own IT team to manage part of the on-premises data like customer information while leaving the non sensitive off-site data to be managed by the provider.

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