VIDEO – Dr. Jonathan Koomey speaks about Predictive Data Center analysis

Dr. Jonathan Koomey speaks about Predictive Data Center analysis
I am convinced that predictive analysis has become essential for operating a modern data center facility

Dr. Jonathan Koomey made this landmark statement at Data Center Dynamics 2013 in San Francisco, CA.

The industry at large has been relying on operational rules-of-thumb and best practices since the distributed computing data center concept has appeared on the scene in the 1990s.  These practices have broken down operationally and economically.

“Capacity in the data center is like a game of Tetris,” Koomey says. “In the data center, however, the blocks you fill the space with are not all identical, so you end up with what can amount to a lot of empty space.  It can be like a third of your data center CapEx that’s stranded.”

Dr. Koomey is a Research Fellow at the Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance at Stanford University and one of the leading international experts on the economics of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the effects of information technology on resource use, and the energy use and economics of data centers.

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