Webcast June 27th 1 pm EST - The Virtual Facility your path to Predictive DCIM™

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I'd like to invite you to the upcoming Webcast about Predictive DCIM™ where we'll discuss the answer to these questions and more:

How is capacity lost? Once lost, can it be reclaimed? Can lost capacity be avoided all together?

Current practices often lead to losses of more  than 30% of the original Design Compute Capacity in modern mission-critical facilities. 

DCIM alone is not enough. Being able to predict and analyze situations before deploying key IT equipment and critical infrastructure is important for any data center manager, and can prevent the need for a pre-mature build out and the loss of millions of dollars.

The Virtual Facility is a simulator for data centers, allowing you to evaluate the immediate and long-term engineering impacts of any physical change to the data center in past, present, and future states in terms of power, space, cooling, and networking.

3D modeling has well been accepted as a standard for design, but integrated into a live Predictive DCIM™  application, enterprise customers are able to make deployment decisions that protect Resilience, Efficiency and ultimately Capacity. 

*Our solution can be used with your traditional DCIM (asset management and monitoring)

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