What a Beginner should Know about Email Hosting !!

In this digital era everyone is well aware with the electronic communication tool called email. A number of email services are available to use for free. However, when it comes to corporate level, these free services are not considered safe. As organizations are dealing with confidential company and client data, they need extra security and advanced features like huge file attachments and bulk message options. After observing such issues, business solution providers develop dedicated email services to fulfill sophisticated needs of professionals. Irrespective of being an established multinational or a setup with small capital, choosing a suitable package from a reliable service provider will give you complete peace of mind.

You might consider paid mail like an ordinary platform to send and receive messages, as most of us have been using and operating free mail accounts to communicate with each other. This can make you think that there is no need to invest capital to avail dedicated messaging services. Probably due to a misconception in your mind, believe me if you are newbie setting up business first time and ignoring to pay attention on this issue, you might be in trouble. Think for a minute how one would feel about your company, after finding your mailing id doesn’t contain your company domain name in it. It can severely damage your reputation in the industry.

This is not the only troubling issue, there are several other problems are also associated with free services like account hacking, viruses and spam messages. Even there is always a risk of losing data. Choosing a suitable email hosting service can not only protect you against such risks, but also offer you several advantages.

What you should know about the service?
However, there are several business solution firms offering different packages to execute diverse needs of different entrepreneurs. Being a business owner it’s your responsibility to ask them to share their package details with you. If you are going to avail this service for the first time, consider checking their packages at least include few basic things and services. Here I am sharing a brief of few inevitable features a service provider has to offer to its clients.

Do you really need a hosted mail service?
In case you have already hired a web hosting firm for your website, there is no need to search for dedicated services. As most of the hosting firms offer free mail services along with site hosting services. Unlike an independent email host, mail addresses from web hosting companies contain their names. Still, you have the option to avail services from independent service providers, if using your company name is crucially important for your business. Generally, internet based businesses, where most of the transactions are made online, unique identity matters a lot.

Checkout their server capabilities
A professional hosting company must have highly capable servers with high speed and flawless security. As you are sharing confidential information related to your company and customers. Ask them to show their data security and antivirus tools they are using to protect their client’s data. Are their servers capable to handle bulks of messages and customer files? Furthermore also check their arrangements for backup and data recovery.

Do they offer you access to server?
While browsing through the bunch of service providers offering paid messaging services, consider checking their policies about access to servers. Loyal service providers never feel hesitant to give its users access server logs and reports.

Backup procedures
However, client data security is the major concern for every service provider, it is necessary to ask about their security measures and recovery options for data backup. As there is always a probability of system crash, you can’t totally ignore this risk.

Investigate about service features
Always investigate clearly about the service features. Don’t assume anything on your own. A good hosting company offers multiple features that commonly include unlimited inbox store, huge file attachment, basic message filtration to sort out spam mails and viruses. Additionally, user can recover important messages from the trash folder, if they are mistakenly deleted.

Do they encrypt data?
You might have found everything close to perfection, features are awesome with unbelievable storage space, ask them to display how they store their client data. As their servers store everything from login credentials to received and sent messages. How they protect all this information from unauthorized attempts. A standard service provider always keeps data in encrypted form to provide unmatched security from bad attempts.

Do they use any security tools?
Hosted email services also incorporate the use of special tools like IMAP, POP (Post Office Protocol) SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to enhance the overall security while receiving and sending messages.

Do they have any backups to tackle downtime?
Uptime is a mandatory need for every business, irrespective of being an online setup or bricks and mortar office. When choosing a dedicated paid messaging service for your business, ask them to show their power backups. Is their system is capable to shift quickly on alternative power supply without disrupting services, or their system takes longer time to settle down during such circumstances.

A reliable hosted email service always guarantees to provide maximum facilities with minimum restrictions and 99% uptime. Choose wisely to enjoy maximum benefits with the business solution.

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