Why dedicated servers are vital to the online network connection?

The businesses in its start-up phase usually prefer to go with shared hosting as they have limited web traffic and small IT requirements. Virtual dedicated server is another cheaper web hosting option which comes with great features, usually preferred by Small businesses. But as soon as organizations start growing, eventually their website traffic increase leading to increase in their IT requirements.


Dedicated server hosting: Dedicated server hosting is a web hosting option where the IT resources are reserved for one client, it is not shared with anyone else. In fact, an entire server in data center is devoted to one client to host his site. The client enjoys full control over the server and is allowed to install applications and software of his choice- Windows dedicated hosting or Linux server dedicated hosting. The biggest advantage with dedicated servers is that it can handle any amount of website traffic without getting any swamp or network interruptions, which can be possible in the case of shared hosting with multiple websites on the same server. Moreover, hosting in a dedicated environment is highly secured because it is not shared with any one.


Dedicated servers, sometimes also known as bare metal servers are vital to the online network connection because network availability is very crucial for any business, especially the online-based businesses. Dedicated host is not shared therefore, the speed, performance and availability is very high. Especially online based businesses required an optimized performance for e.g. Online gaming, e-commerce sites etc. Their customers need a good quality visual and interactive web experience. And no other solution than dedicated hosting will be able to serve better. Data centers that offer managed dedicated server coupled with IT management services help businesses in concentrating on their core business and regularly improve on their service quality.


There are several other advantages of dedicated servers which make it significant choice for any business with growing trends.


Secured: With dedicated hosting, you get entire resources of one server and you need not worry about any security risk and threats from any other website, as it is in shared hosting. Neither there is any traffic swamp nor you will not experience downtime.


Unique IP address: Dedicated server also comes with unique IP which will block any spam or malicious element entering your website.


Better Performance: No traffic swamps, no downtime, no spams, keeps everything running efficiently with excellent speed. There are also trial and budget dedicated servers available for the organizations with small IT expense limit.


Customization: Dedicated server gives you freedom to customize applications and software that allows clients to run almost any processes and remote application that is required by the business.  


The businesses seeking for dedicated server need to check that what the selected dedicated server providers will offer in terms of memory, network connection, low latency and redundant sources of power and server etc. Also check for the experience, clientele and expertise of the dedicated server providers and whether they are tied up with one network and they have multiple network providers. Carrier-neutral data center means good quality network connection and high up time.

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