My hiatus is over, and I have to say: it was a bit short considering the fact that Polish-Lithuanian weddings are quite taxing on both body and mind (especially if you are the groom).

But that does not mean that the data center world is standing still, and especially Data Center Professionals. The new discussions and blog posts are really interesting. Keep it up!

The first thing I got in my mail was a so-called Expert Guide on server virtualisation, brought to us by TechTarget and sponsored by EMC. It brings six 'predictions', and I put that between quotation marks because I had a strong feeling I read them before. As in, time and time again.

The main problem I have with these lists is that you can publish them every year at leisure, pretending you are an expert. This list is, unfortunately, no different: hypervisors will evolve further, virtualisation will play a larger role in disaster recovery, more server consolidation (yawn), test and development (roll up eyes), storage and security. It reads like a document EMC wrote at the end of 2009, and decided to bring it into circulation again in the summer. It might have been interesting if they put in some kind of update on how things stand. They did not.

Could anyone here please give me a new thought on virtualisation? Are there any areas that vendors just seem to miss and for which virtualisation can be interesting? Right now, it just seems as a commodity to me...

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