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Why Join?

  • Worldwide Network
  • Great way to find & interact with industry professionals worldwide
  • Independent of any vendor or other industry associations
  • Powerful profile pages
  • Feature rich - add videos, photos, slideshows, events, and more
  • No industry agenda
  • Content driven by members
  • Membership is controlled to prevent spammers
  • Free Membership!
  • No 3rd Party Recruiters allowed
  • Delivering a great platform to engage the global data center community


Our philosophy

We’re independent and focussed and we’re here to build you an excellent network. 

We’re always open to new ideas, suggestions and advice on how to meet your needs.  We created this because of frustrations in using LinkedIN - we don't want to pay to maintain a network.

What makes us different?

We’re independent so we don’t have a hidden agenda. We’re not here to promote a specific service or business, or a specific individual or group. We aim to cater for our industry in a fair and transparent way so that no one company, individual, or group can monopolise the network.


Just to be clear on our level of independence – we aren’t:

  • an association or a society
  • governed by a board
  • tied to any specific supplier or association
  • consultants or trainers
  • event organisers
  • publishers of industry reports, books, or magazines
  • shareholders with interests in any specific supplier, consultancy or operator
  • a recruitment company or headhunters
  • focused on any specific region, or geographical area
  • a promotions platform for any specific company nor individual
  • tied to any of the general business networking sites
  • commercial influencers in the industry in any way

Do you want to get involved?

If you are passionate about the data center industry, have the same ethics, and want to take a more active role in this network we'd love to hear from you.

If you have any feedback you can add this directly to our site specific forum. Otherwise, feel free to drop us an email at admin@datacenterprofessionals.net

Connecting data center industry professionals worldwide. Free membership for eligible professionals.


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