Who is Eligible to Join the Network?

Network membership to open to individuals who work for companies active in the data center industry e.g.

  • data center operators
  • hardware/software vendors
  • service providers
  • specialist consultancies
  • industry analysts
  • industry journalists
  • educators and trainers
  • industry event organisers
  • industry associations
  • and other relevant companies

We regularly check to ensure individual actually work for the companies they state e.g. if they don't supply a valid company email address when joining.  So we do strive to validate all network members.


Non-Eligible Members (3rd Party Recruitment Companies)

One restriction is 3rd party recruitment companies.  Following a poll of network members it was voted that individuals working for 3rd party recruitment companies would not be eligible to join the network.  


Common Reasons for Rejection of Membership Application

We often reject applications from applicants for the following reasons:

1. Use of non-business email address 

Sometimes people use strange email addresses which leads us to suspect they may be spammers.  To avoid problems please use your business email address when possible.

2. Inadequate Answers to Profile Questions

Some people fail to provide adequate answers to profile questions e.g. add TBD or fail to provide any other worthwhile info.  Again, this can often lead us to assume they may be spammers who have little or no knowledge of our industry.  


In most cases we try to email the applicants to sort out any problems with their application before we reject their membership - however, during times when we receive a high number of applications we sometimes do not have time to contact everyone.  In these times we sometimes reject those applications that we have a high degree of confidence that the applicant is a suspected spammer.  If we sometimes get it wrong - sorry!


If you have any questions on the above policies please contact us.




Network Manager








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