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Qualitative & Highly Cost-Efficient Dedicated Server Hosts Launched By YouGet Host.

VPS hosting from YouGet Host blends the efficiency of a dedicated server with the simplicity of cloud hosting. With our managed VPS solutions, you can keep an eye on your servers, reduce risk, and boost efficiency. Our 24*7 (365) support team is available to help you to choose the best hosting solution for your business.


All of the essentials for a fast website…


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New 8MW lease in Sacramento

Prime Data Centers announced that they've just signed an 8MW lease in Sacramento with a publicly traded tech leader based in San Francisco. Read the full release here:

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Why Switch Their Website to Japan VPS Hosting?

We have a great web hosting server plan, Our Janan vps server hosting is the most famous for online business startup, get a deploy, and manage web hosting services by Onlive server. Technical web hosting solutions. these days every online business startup falls down, and everyone wants to enhancement and promote our business or services. but due to lockdown, every platform is stooped, then choose the simple access…


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Introduction to Software Development Life Cycle: Phases & Models

SDLC stands for Software Development Life Cycle. It is a process that gives a complete idea about developing, designing, and maintaining a software project by ensuring that all the functionalities along with user requirements, objectives, and end goals are addressed. With SDLC, the software project’s quality and the overall software development process get enhanced.

Introduction to Software Development Life Cycle: Phases & Models - ESDS Benefits of SDLC

For any…


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Cloud Digital Asset Management and its Benefits

The idea of the digital asset doesn’t actually correspond to the real-world assets like gold, property, etc. rather it is more of your digital content like graphics, photos, documents, etc.

There’s far too much data generated by businesses online, so, how does one manage their digital assets? In order to bring the importance of DAM along with…


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Cloud Servers: All you need to know

It’s clouding, clouds everywhere, whether it is the rain clouds or the server cloud, clouds are extremely important to us humans. Without those heavenly grey clouds we would die of thirst, without the clouds that store data we wouldn’t have the ease of online-everything. …


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Dedicated Servers: Dedicatedly Making Your Website User Friendly

Digitization has led brands to shift from conventional to online revenue generation. Moreover, the increased demand for online shopping brings better brand recognition and revenue. But all this works if your…


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IoT is Shaping Data Centers of the Future

The judgment day from terminator where self-conscious robots are taking over the world is far from reality. But programs like IoT, AI and machine learning are helping humans achieve new feats. These technologies are helping save a lot of efforts when it comes to efficient working. Data centers are not devoid of these, IoT has entered…


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Data centers Are Going Hyperscale and Here are the Reasons

Before we dive deep into why Datacenters are going hyper-scale, let us understand what ‘Hyperscaling’ exactly means. Considering the high-end computing technologies involved, data centers are generally large-scaled but not necessarily Hyperscale.…


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Cyber-Security Will Decide the Success or Failure of IoT

IoT is facing a lot of cybersecurity issues. It seems that updating regulatory measures and standardization is required for IoT to work efficiently. Device manufacturers are addressing security threats, but the fate of the storming IoT revolution might depend on it.

The introduction of IoT is definitely going to bring about radical…


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