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Cloud Digital Asset Management and its Benefits

The idea of the digital asset doesn’t actually correspond to the real-world assets like gold, property, etc. rather it is more of your digital content like graphics, photos, documents, etc.

There’s far too much data generated by businesses online, so, how does one manage their digital assets? In order to bring the importance of DAM along with…


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Cloud Servers: All you need to know

It’s clouding, clouds everywhere, whether it is the rain clouds or the server cloud, clouds are extremely important to us humans. Without those heavenly grey clouds we would die of thirst, without the clouds that store data we wouldn’t have the ease of online-everything. …


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Dedicated Servers: Dedicatedly Making Your Website User Friendly

Digitization has led brands to shift from conventional to online revenue generation. Moreover, the increased demand for online shopping brings better brand recognition and revenue. But all this works if your…


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IoT is Shaping Data Centers of the Future

The judgment day from terminator where self-conscious robots are taking over the world is far from reality. But programs like IoT, AI and machine learning are helping humans achieve new feats. These technologies are helping save a lot of efforts when it comes to efficient working. Data centers are not devoid of these, IoT has entered…


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Data centers Are Going Hyperscale and Here are the Reasons

Before we dive deep into why Datacenters are going hyper-scale, let us understand what ‘Hyperscaling’ exactly means. Considering the high-end computing technologies involved, data centers are generally large-scaled but not necessarily Hyperscale.…


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Cyber-Security Will Decide the Success or Failure of IoT

IoT is facing a lot of cybersecurity issues. It seems that updating regulatory measures and standardization is required for IoT to work efficiently. Device manufacturers are addressing security threats, but the fate of the storming IoT revolution might depend on it.

The introduction of IoT is definitely going to bring about radical…


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WordPress is the most popular online publishing platform, currently powering more than 27% of the web.

What is CMS (Content management systems) : Content management systems are web-based applications for creating and managing the content of a website.

We include all such systems in this category, also systems that are often classified as wikis, blog engines or discussion boards.

WordPressOrg And WordPressCom

There are two versions of WordPress. WordPress . org…


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Load Balancer Device and Configurations.

Do you get too many visitors on the website, getting maximum hits on your site may crash your site, your site may get stuck or it may go through a downtime? How to avoid such instances?

Configuring a load balancer to your website can sort your problem. This load balancer device will help in distributing networks across numbers of servers. These devices are used to maximize the reliability and capacity of the network. The overall performance of the network is increased as this load…


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Benefits of Hyper-V replica

Hyper-V Replica:

Hyper V replica is virtual machine replication technology made for disaster recovery and business continuity. A virtual machine can be replicated from one location to another by using Hyper V and a network connection to it. This replica can work with any server network, storage or vendor.

Benefits of Hyper-V replica:

1. In the event of a failure at your primary sites…


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Data Center Container from Prior1

Hi There, 

we developed a new data center container:

More Informations, Pictures and technical Details under: RZ Container

What do you…


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