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Radhe Dhakad posted a blog post

Managed vs Unmanaged Colocation: Which is Right for your Business?

What is Colocation?Colocation, in simple terms, is a hosting service which companies opt for power servers and hosting.Various data centers offer these services to businesses, enterprises and start-ups. The benefits of power, space and ability to maintain and supervise server around the clock. Colocation data centers are of a great help to companies that want a competitive advantage without financial investments required to host within the company. Further, it also benefits in deployment time, uptime and the complete server.Managed vs Unmanaged ColocationThere are various factors by which companies are benefitted by colocation services, starting from a great infrastructure, raised floors, cooling to surveillance. The money invested is only of the rack they rented. IT network of a company gets escalated by choosing the colocation services from a top rate data center.Colocation has two sub-categories: Managed colocation and…See More
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Priti posted a blog post

Things You Need To Know About DDoS Attacks

Those who are quiet aware of the term DDoS know what mess it can create and for those who don’t know what it is, here is a small, quick definition for you. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is an external attack that infects any system with malware and virus to turn down online availability. It is performed by multiple systems infected with Trojans that altogether causes the DDoS attack.These deadly threats have existed for decades now and it is building its potentials than ever before. So how do you define your web networks? Is it safe? You never know. This piece will speak on DDoS and the related topics that you must know to curb the threat. Let’s begin with the three common types of DDoSApplication attacks: These attacks targets the website applications layers and deals with overloading certain features such as search function or email service with the motive to disable them.Network attacks:…See More
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james stephens posted a blog post

Experience Amazing Business Growth with Public Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing is available in the three models of public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. Many of the businesses that wanted something more reliable and affordable than the traditional form of hosting are adopting one of the three models mentioned above. Public cloud hosting is most popular model and is suited for the start-ups and small businesses that are still in a nascent stage of growing. The provider uses the infrastructure and distributes applications, data storage and other resources to multiple organisations.What is public cloud and how is it different from other models?•    Public cloud hosting involves third party providers offering services over the internet to the public in general. It is the most affordable model and the users can draw their share of resources from any internet connected device and from any part of the globe. •    Private cloud is in contrast to the above and has only one entity enjoying the allotted pool of resources and services in a secluded…See More

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