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Apr 11
Priti posted a blog post

Load Balancer Device and Configurations.

Do you get too many visitors on the website, getting maximum hits on your site may crash your site, your site may get stuck or it may go through a downtime? How to avoid such instances?Configuring a load balancer to your website can sort your problem. This load balancer device will help in distributing networks across numbers of servers. These devices are used to maximize the reliability and capacity of the network. The overall performance of the network is increased as this load balancer decreases the load on the servers associated with the network.Load Balancing Algorithms.There are types of load balancing algorithms which provide different benefits.• Round robin: It refers to continue rotating the list of server that is attached to it. When a request is received by the virtual server, it assigns the connection sequentially.• Least connections: In this method, the virtual server is configured to use the lowest connections• Custom load: In this method, the load balancer chooses the…See More
Apr 3
Priti posted a blog post

Benefits of Hyper-V replica

Hyper-V Replica:Hyper V replica is virtual machine replication technology made for disaster recovery and business continuity. A virtual machine can be replicated from one location to another by using Hyper V and a network connection to it. This replica can work with any server network, storage or vendor.Benefits of Hyper-V replica:1. In the event of a failure at your primary sites like fire, power shortage, or server failure hyper V replica allows you to replicate server at a secondary location with minimum downtime.2. Depending upon the recovery history selections for the virtual machines Hyper-V provides an option to restore virtualized workloads at a point.3. Hyper-V replica server and storage hardware’s configuration need not be identical at each site.Hyper- V Replica requirements:1. On the active directory server, both primary and secondary sites need to be under one domain.2. Primary site and a Replica site are Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V hosts where the…See More
Apr 2

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