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Radhe Dhakad posted a blog post

Threats To Business Without A Dependable Server Hosting Company

What defines Dependable Hosting Company? Good, reliable, true, honest, safe, secure, steady-going, rock-steady are all synonyms of dependable. Instead of going on and on about what is dependable and how a superlatively dependable hosting company adds value to your business, we give the liberty to you the reader, to grasp the obvious. Let’s better focus on the element of risk which an unreliable hosting agency attracts. Threats without Dependable Hosting Company In current times data is being created and consumed everywhere. To give you a perspective 72 hours of YouTube videos gets uploaded every minute. Be it financial transaction, business email, a simple Facebook post, online shopping, every transaction gets recorded and stored, creating data. All this data requires to be secured, let alone misused even losing data to viruses or malwares is unacceptable. Data integrity and security is under constant risk from outside attempts of theft and also from internal users. Internal users…See More
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Leigh Genetti posted a blog post

Can Cloud-Based Infrastructure Be Stopped?

Business leaders have largely embraced modern IT infrastructure, platform and software innovations throughout the past several years, with legacy systems quickly going the way of the dinosaur. What has become clear is that agile, affordable and elastic computing capabilities are not only in high demand, but simply necessary to competing in the modern, fast-paced markets present in virtually every industry and region. Cloud computing has played a major role in this movement, especially when it comes to software, which has been increasingly provisioned through these types of managed contracts. However, infrastructure is now among the hottest segments of the cloud market, as firms work to ensure that their server and data center management is resilient to disruption, supportive of new trends such as the Internet of Things and optimally efficient. Major GrowthGartner recently released a new report regarding the…See More

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