I am not quite sure if this organization has reliazed all the issues that the actual DCs have to take in consideration, more than a bycicle booth for storage (by the way I like to biking).

At least six different systems are included in the DCs

*  Architecture  (well described in the draft)

* Cooling (not only natural -free cooling- but liquid and of course electromechanical -HVAC- have to be considered)

* Energy ( I think renewable and electric load have to be better appointed)

* Safety (here  in my opinion- is not the same to use FM 200, Hypoxia or water mist -HiFog- solutions)

* Security (here maybe the impact is not so important, but should be addrese)

* IT Transport (not only cabling -cooper meters & meters) but cabinets, spaces, IT grounding.....should be take in consideration)

And of course all the IT equipment (computing, storage and connectivity) that spend energy and cooling in a manner that all world (DC industry of course) intend to reduce and be efficient.

After reading the D+C  & O+M  draft for LEED rating  see http://www.usgbc.org/LEED/LEEDDrafts/RatingSystemVersions.aspx?CMSP...

At this point I think to possibilities can arise
A)   USGBC  do not hear the industry AND the end user

B)  USGBC  ask for advise and consulting:   EU Code of conduct, ASRHAE, NFPA, EPA, GreenGrid, UPTime Institute, TIA, ASIS, BICSI and all the PROFESSIONALS involved in this industry.

In my position , I can not do so much -I am in México,- however this -at least in our industry- can lead to LEED to be ignore by us or ...

What is your opinion?

roberto sanchez, RCDD


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