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How to use Intel Optane NVMe U.2 SFF 8639 SSD drive in a PCIe slot

Use NVMe U.2 SFF 8639 disk drive form factor SSD in PCIe slot

server storage I/O data infrastructure trends

Need to install or use an Intel Optane NVMe 900P or other Nonvolatile Memory (NVM) Express NVMe based U.2 SFF 8639 disk drive form factor Solid State Device (SSD) into…


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Reminder World Backup and Data Protection Day is March 31 Remember Restores

World Backup Day 2018 Data Protection Readiness Reminder

server storage I/O trends

It's that time of year again, World Backup Day 2018 Data Protection Readiness Reminder.

In case you have forgotten, or were not aware, this coming Saturday March 31 is World…


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Web Werks offers Professional and Advanced Managed WordPress Packages.

Web Werks, a leader in web hosting and cloud hosting services for WordPress, recently announced their Professional and Advanced Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting Packages. Packages particularly designed for…


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A Website Migration Checklist.

Moving your website starting with one host then onto the next is a difficult task. It is both energizing and on occasion overwhelming to perform. In case your website isn't organized appropriately and is developing heedlessly, the time has come to roll out an improvement and consider upgrading things.…


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Web Werks Celebrates Republic Day with Great Deals on Rack Colocation Services.

Web Werks, the leading web hosting and cloud provider worldwide, has recently announced their Republic Day Sale. Web Werks is offering 'Great Discounts' on their Rack Colocation Services - a reliable, secure and scalable environment for your IT infrastructure, colocating in state-of-art data centers while saving money. The sale will be begin from 25th January until 28th January 2018. The coupon code to…


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Web Werks Cloud Hosting FAQ

Web Werks Cloud FAQ

What is Web Werks Cloud…


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What are Traditional and Popular Web Hosting Solutions?

What are Traditional and Popular Web Hosting Solutions?

Web Hosting is one of those monsters with such a significant number of factors that everybody gets lost, even developers with a lot of previous knowledge. Prior to the origin of Cloud Hosting…


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2018 is the year for Cloud Hosting

As technology gets more advanced day by day it is driving change in web hosting industry to meet those needs. Let's see why cloud hosting will keep on blooming in the year…


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Web Werks launches Security, Compliance and Data Privacy Protection benefits

Web Werks Data Centers today reported the launch of Data and Privacy Protection (DPP), an advanced security offering intended to help distinguish and protect sensitive data in a client's domain, for example, licensed property, client payment data, and personally identifiable data while meeting strict compliance prerequisites around securing information at rest. The new DPP offering…


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Web Werks expands its data center platform to establish inter-connection with businesses worldwide.

Web Werks, the leading Data Center in India and cloud hosting provider recently announced the next stage in the advancement of its worldwide stage through the direct physical and virtual association of its data centers globally, empowering clients to interface on demand to some other client from any Web Werks data center…


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VPN is Not Safe for Cyberstalker.

VPN providers frequently publicize their products as a strategy for surfing the internet anonymously, guaranteeing they never store logs of client movement, however a recent criminal case demonstrates that at any rate a few, do store client action logs.

On 5th October 2017, the Department of…


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High Encrypted Automated Cloud Backup Solutions Now at Web Werks

Web Werks, the leading cloud hosting and Disaster recovery service provider recently announced their high encrypted automated…


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Key Considerations for Customers Vetting Colocation Providers.

With a colocation provider, clients can lessen their expenses by depending on the supplier's staff 24/7. The extra services and highly redundant, scalable networks, enable clients to lessen their inward network prerequisites or repurpose them for different usage. This implies they'll have the capacity to…


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Web Werks Data Centers Achieve SSAE18 SOC 2 Type 1 Report.

Web Werks, the leader in cloud hosting and disaster recovery services announces their successful completion of a Service Organization Controls Reports (SOC) 2 Type 1 report. The report confirms that Web Werks security practices, policies,…


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Choose Web Hosting Service Provider over maintaining Server by yourself.

The most confusing part when it comes to web hosting is to choose between hosting and maintaining a personal server or to hire a web hosting service provider. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of having a hosting service provider over setting and maintain the in-house server.

But before starting up, if you are new in the world of hosting and still confused about the role of web hosting service provider for your website, then let just clear this first. The web…


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High availability cloud storage solutions provide instant scale and resource optimization to reduce costs at Web Werks

Web Werks, one of the leading cloud hosting and …


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Security is Vital in Web Hosting: Data Safety

It really doesn’t matter whether you own a blog website or a large online business organization. One of the most vital element is the ‘Security’. Lack of security not only results in a business loss but also losing information and data as well. Henceforth it is important to understand what parts…


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Internet of Things (IoT) is Available as a Service.

The Internet of Things, which is popularly alluded to as IoT, portrays internet-connected objects and procedures, for example, hardware, HVAC systems, applications, web administrations, wearable gadgets and even structures, all of which have sensors or the ability to record or potentially transmit information. This information is then utilized for a plenty of purposes, for example, gathering statistics, measuring patterns, alarming about issues and planning development. This can help…


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Extending Cloud Security with Cloud Firewall Solutions at Web Werks Data Centers

Web Werks, a leading provider of cloud hosting solutions…


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