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Designing DCs from the O & M point of view

As a mission critical systems/facilities designer the last 20 years, I have found that most of the time (my earliest designs) my approach was as an "expert" on HOW the facility/system MUST operate. As many proffesionals that start designing I assumed that I Knew everything, but the reality crashed very quickly against my position, then I understood that for doing an efficient but more than that an effectiveness design I should gather those people that really new on each subsystem involved in…


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Are we going to see Trane, York, Mcquay in DCs?

Are we going to see shortly York, Trane, McQuay and so in Data Centres? / ¿Veremos a York, Trane, Mcquay en los Centros de Datos?

So the temperature in DCs is raising 25o-27o  in take in IT… Continue

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Green, Sustainable, energy efficency DC and......?

We have been looking that our industry has gone from issues like: energy efficiency, sustainable  to greening  for Design, Construction & Operation (DCO)  in Data Centres. PUE, CUE, WUE are now new metrics that we can use along with other parameters like Life Cycle Assestment (LCA)  and programs like BREEAM, LEED, PECES, to classificate our buildings and of course the Data Centres.

But what do we have to do to accomplish this trend?…

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Do you agree or not? Thdese are the main issues in a DC design

 Pls revise if all are in this WP or is missing something.

Your opinion is valuable for my work




roberto sanchez, RCDD



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Disasters and Business Continuity Management (2) -

Disasters and Business Continuity Management (2) -

By Roberto Sánchez, RCDD

At this point after almost two weeks after the Great Tsunami in Japan, we have seen in the media everything that is going in Fukushima.

At this point we have heard about water contamination issues, a reduction in meals, however we have not hear yet a cease of communication or downtime –severe- in the Japanese telecommunication nor other industry.…


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CHART v1.2 Data Centres´Codes, Standards or Normas for Design, Construction or Operation

The actual standarization for DCs documents is big enough to drive everyone to confusion.


As consulting proffesional I tryed to order my ideas, pls check the chart and tell me if I am missing some document worth to take in consideration


roberto sánchez,RCDD




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DCs Codes /Standards / Normas around the globe

DCs Codes/standards/normas around the globe

I ´ve had the opportunity to teach the BICSI DC110 data centres desig best practices for two times now. This course is mainly based in USA documents TIA942 and BICSI-002 standards.

And in both occassions people have asked me regarding the comparison among:

EPAs, UP Time Institute, EU code of conduct, Green Grid, CEEDA, LEED and other local or international papers.

As I see…


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USGBC is aware of what a Data Centre is?

I am not quite sure if this organization has reliazed all the issues that the actual DCs have to take in consideration, more than a bycicle booth for storage (by the way I like to biking).

At least six different systems are included in the DCs

*  Architecture  (well described in the draft)

* Cooling (not only natural -free cooling- but liquid and of course electromechanical -HVAC- have to be considered)

* Energy ( I think renewable and electric load have…


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Mexican Data Centre std for comments

Pls help us to revise and CRITICIZE our document.

ALL comments (pro and con) are wellcome. Just one issue is in español, (but nowdays in our industry who does not can read in two or more languages other than english?)

to down load go to

your commnts to or in this post

saludos y FELIZ NAVIDAD and a Prospero Año Nuevo 2011.

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