Are we going to see Trane, York, Mcquay in DCs?

Are we going to see shortly York, Trane, McQuay and so in Data Centres? / ¿Veremos a York, Trane, Mcquay en los Centros de Datos?

So the temperature in DCs is raising 25o-27o  in take in IT equipment

"New" techniques like:
  1. Kyoto Cooling development and 
  2. Radiant cooling  (Trox)are taking off in different markets around the world; 
  3. Natural cooling (not "free" nor economizers)
 Some questions I am asking myself
  • What is going to happen with the "traditional" air cooled enviroment in DCs?
  • Temperature going up, but what about humidity? 
  • Is this still an issue with the new IT equipments?; this will remain an issue?
  • Market (end users) will accept "new" technologies  due (benefit/cost) or keep it traditional & safe?
  • What do the APC, Emerson, Data Aire or Stultz think on this trend?
  • How will they react?
At this moment, I think we have -as consultans / designers- to start  Thinking OUT of the CRACs

But which is your opinion?

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