Green, Sustainable, energy efficency DC and......?

We have been looking that our industry has gone from issues like: energy efficiency, sustainable  to greening  for Design, Construction & Operation (DCO)  in Data Centres. PUE, CUE, WUE are now new metrics that we can use along with other parameters like Life Cycle Assestment (LCA)  and programs like BREEAM, LEED, PECES, to classificate our buildings and of course the Data Centres.

But what do we have to do to accomplish this trend? Well from my perception is to define what we want to get, I have read that a new DC  "BendBroadband has also shown an unusual commitment to industry certifications, gaining validation from The Uptime Institute as a Tier III data center, while pursuing a Gold-level certification under the LEED ( Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program for energy efficient building. The Vault also intends to gain acceptance as an Energy Star data center from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency." A Data Vault With a Green Complexion, April 26th, 2011 Rich Miller
As designer I have found that this is way to follow, what I mean? if your investor, operator has indeed a commitment to Reduce, Reutilize, Recycle and take in consideration how long a construction material take from the original manufacturing facility to the DC site, or if you are using air economizers, or having renewable energy production on site. Then you and the designers team have to learn, eavluate and decide the Total Cost of Ownership in each system that you will set into a new or refurbished DC facility.
There are not "the one, the only, the perfect"  designing, construction & operation solution; the designer´s team challenge is to INTEGRATE the best, the cost effective technological and carbon footprint reduction alternatives, that actually exist to define the best possible design for a  Sustainable, Energetic & Technological   High Performance (SETHP)  Building and of course Data Centre.

But which is your opinion? 
roberto sanchez, RCDD

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