Making contact
What are the benefits of adding contacts?

By adding a contact you can send internal private messages to other members. In this way you can also grow and develop your own personal network of Data Center Professionals.

How do I add a contact to meet other Data Center Professionals?

Invite people to be your contact by clicking on their name or picture. Then click the ‘Add as contact’ link under their picture.

How do I send private messages to someone on the network?

You need to be a member and create a contact before you can send and internal message anyone on the network.

Any messages you or your contact writes will be sent to your site inbox on the network, and also to your own email address inbox.

N.B Your own email address is never disclosed to other site members via the internal messaging system.

Where can I find my unique network email address?

To find your email-in address and to get started, click the "Settings" link in the right column of the main page. At the bottom of the page, locate the "Useful addresses" section. You'll find your email-in address under ‘Add by phone’. It should look like a combination of your name on the network and a few numbers, and the domain will be the URL of your network.



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