• We have a zero tolerance policy to 'spammers' or any type of abuse to members. Members reported doing this will be blocked from this network.
  • We will regularily review member profiles - if we see that members are adding suspect information, or that they don’t belong here, we first email them to confirm their interests in the Data Center Industry. If they don’t respond we will block their membership.
  • We don't allow 3rd party recruiters to join the network.  This follows a network poll where the membership voted to exclude 3rd party recruitment companies from joining.  However recruiters from data center industry suppliers or operators are very welcome.
  • We regularly turn away membership applications from people who do not provide enough detail, or use a suspect email address, or don't reveal their company name.  In some cases a member will want to hide their company for good reason - in those cases we email the member and, assuming they have a good reason for it, we'll still allow them to join.

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