The UK's most secure datacenter "The Bunker" Kent.

This is said to be the UK's most secure data center.
The Bunkers primary data centre in Kent is an ex-MOD command and control centre, built by the UK government to protect people and technology from nuclear attacks.
The facility sits 30m beneath a perimeter fenced, 18 acre site.
It has three metre thick concrete walls, solid steel doors that weigh several tonnes, and provides military grade EMP and tempest shielding. The facility is also protected by a 24-hour sentry and MOD-trained guard dogs, CCTV and a series of sophisticated access controls.

Admission to the site is permitted via the Guardroom (fitted with bullet-proof glass), which has a vehicular gate with control barrier and an electrically operated pedestrian gate. The Bunkers team of security staff, many of whom are ex-military or police, maintain a physical presence in the Guardroom, and perform regular random patrols of the site together with guard dogs. Patrols of secure areas take place on a regular basis, together with constant monitoring of the CCTV system. Monitored infrared CCTV cameras, both above and below ground, cover the site and include a last motion picture captured facility, with thumbnail archives. Entry to The Bunker facility itself is via a turnstile, operated by an encrypted security card system. All entry to The Bunker is monitored and recorded by security staff, both physically and via the CCTV system. Other security mechanisms are in place both on and off site, to enhance the above systems.

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