This is a discussion wherein everyone introduces themselves to tell a little about themselves. Its a great way to see if there is any common interests and and maybe it will generate business opportunities!

It would be really be great to hear your story, the way you have come up in business, partnerships you are looking for, potentials you would want to exploit, dreams you want to achieve, ambitions for which you would keep striving, your days of struggle and of course the moments of success.

Over to you now. The group members would be glad to read about you.

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Hello, my name is Benjamin, and I'm a workaholic.

As soon as a significant portion of my company has been handed over to investors, I plan to take a few weeks vacation to recoup and reassess the various dimensions of the business before barreling into work again. The strategy is not reactive to the industry circumstances, but proactive in reaching to goals as soon and as high as possible, to establish the business as a leading designer of custom data centers, and perhaps the sentinel (and only existing storehouse) of future mankind's base knowledge (but that depends on if and how much you subscribe to the 2012 disaster scenarios along with Charlie Frost ( ) --a darkly humorous viral marketing campaign in any case. Technology is changing as fast as the climate, and hopefully, we can be faster in developing something resilient to whatever natural disasters come our way. Now, I must return to work..


On the technology side, there appears to be some really exciting applications being developed from properties of hydrinos and the grand unified theory using classical physics as presented by Black Light Power ( ). Power from water is just the beginning. There are subtle changes in the expression of superconducting materials and properties of light that may change the entire computing core's engineering. I'm still reading the material, no specifics to report yet.
Interesting stuff. I worked under a CTO who received his degree in nuclear physics. He has been instrumental in working with organizations defining the newer protocols for the transportation of data over fiber optics and optical networking over the last 8 years, utilizing "special relativity altered physics" to harness and direct the actual photons in more efficient ways. I didn't know at the time that fiber optics could be improved. I visited Facinating. Now, we're looking at new advances in physics defining how we can eventually utilize green power.

Let us all know if you come up with any new info or discoveries in your searchings....
Hi - Mike O here.
I have a different background. I have a BS in Biology, an MS in Environmental Health and Safety Management.
Previously I was a project manager for a Caterpillar dealer. That being said, I now work for a company that provides solutions to Data Center and Enterprise businesses world wide.

I am the Senior International Sales Executive (fancy talk for sales guy) I tend to have customers with strange problems based upon my history.
I work with many international customers in heavy industry and we get to help them with data center design as well as NEMA 12 and NEMA 4 enclosures for hazardous locations (hazardous for the equipment, not people)

I have been very successful with my current customers, and if you need assistance in any way, please contact me. My company has several CCIE and Data Center Architects on staff to help you get the most out of your facility and $$.
Hello Group!

You can find me on LinkedIn here. I am always looking for new contacts:

After completing undergrad study in physics, I came in to the light manufacturing industry, doing a lot of one-off and two-off systems work, primarly with electrical/electronics, data acquisition and radar systems. Next I took an opportunity to enter the aerospace industry and spent several years with development, flight and data dissemination of microgravity experiments that were flown on the space shuttle. With the downturn in the manned spaceflight business in the mid-90's, I got into the IT business and have done a lot of work across the spectrum, including desktop/server admin, teleco, switching/routing, physical infrastructure (fiber/copper, cabinets, UPS, etc.).

And now I find myself coming full circle with full time data center work, which brings into play previous IT experience, plus my systems engineering & integration work of past careers. That is how I really view data center work, as a primarily systems engineering, integrations and operations task, which requires not only the technical knowledge, but also the ability to integrate business requirements and operational concerns of the various systems supporting these requirements.

One of the biggest challenges I see is taking proactive control of the data center, not only driving out efficiencies and cost savings where possible, but also getting business requirements and in turn server, network and storage requirements sufficiently well-defined so that data center performance metrics can be developed and measured, and performance can be improved and optimized.

Pat Davis
Startegic Account Rep

My company provides cable management solutions for all data centers using Pre-Terminated Copper & Fiber Harnesses.

We also have cabinets that have a "0" U mounting.

Please contact me with any questions
Hi Everyone, nice to meet you. I have gotten to middle age way to fast and suffer from baldness and a large gut as a result.

On a postive note, I am the CEO and founder of SMHColocation. You can read more about us at

My goal is to expose our Southern California to end users, consultants and channel partners looking for
world class facility.

Below is a typical intro letter that I send out. If anyone offer any suggestions or help regarding how they would market to LA and the OC or can suggest great copywriting or promotional or marketing ideas your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

With sincer rgards


I’m Robert Klug, CEO of Streaming Media Hosting. We’re reaching out to local businesses like yours because few know that we now offer colocation in addition to streaming and managed servers. If you are currently colocating in the area, then you need to know why our fiber-rich, carrier neutral Critical Business Exchange™ in Anaheim is the most compelling Data Center offering in Southern California.

We both know that in most local Data Centers, power is expensive, space is limited, and customer service is not what it should be. My company offers marked improvements in all three areas:

Taking into account inflation, Anaheim’s 2009 rates are 17% lower than they were 15 years ago. In stark contrast to other power providers, award-winning Anaheim Public Utilities has modestly raised their base power rates twice in that time. The bottom line is that Anaheim Public Utilities provides more reliable and 20-40% cheaper power than their neighbors.

As one of the first people to hear about our colocation service, you can take full advantage of our 27,000 sq. ft. of remaining raised floor space with 160 watts per sq. ft. and the ability to add over 45,000 sq. ft. of adjacent space at 250 watts per sq. ft.

Clients like Global Crossing and MetroPCS agree that our world class service is second to none. We’ve grown substantially since 2007, when we were voted First Runner-Up for Best Regional Content Delivery Network (North America) by Streaming Media Magazine. And unlike large public firms, we answer directly to you, not investors. This enables flexible, customized services and rapid responses from our expert team.

Other highlights of our facility include:

• Carrier Neutral Fiber from AT&T, Level 3, Global Crossing, Verizon, XO, Time Warner, Cox, Edison, PAETEC, TelePacifc, and more
• N+1 or greater redundancy on all critical infrastructure
• 100% SLA for cooling and power
• 24x7x365 security built to satisfy National Security Agency requirements

Let us show you how we can help you save on power costs, handle your technical requirements, provide your IT team with the support they deserve, and improve your overall colocation experience.

I invite you to schedule a tour or ask questions by contact me at or (949) 722-8600 ext. 201.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Chief Executive Officer
(949) 722-8600 x201
Hi Rob. If you are ever in need of Critical power services or parts or have outdated equipment you would like to sell, give me a call. 804-405-8066 Brian Teed
My name is Josh Taylor. I am a product manager at CABLExpress Cables. I started in a pizza shop at 15 years old, went to school for broadcasting, landed in a sales job, and now I am a product manager for data center cabling products - A twist road, yet it seems to fit like a glove. I enjoy overcoming obstacles, nothing is better than seeing that huge challenge in your rear view mirror. I am very proud of my upbringing, family values and ethics which carry through all aspects of my life.... I do not claim to be a saint though.....
Hello Group,

My name is Osama Abu-Obeid, I am a senior software and systems engineer. In my last job I was in charge of software development and Systems administration teams in an ISP in Syria, where we had a small data center operated mostly on open source products, open source virtualization, and Linux operating system.

I am establishing now in Montreal and I have a great interest in learning and improving my knowledge in data center design engineering. Hopefully this place will be a great resource for me.
For more than 20 years I have owned my own business representing smaller USA based technology firms that are interested in breaking into the Canadian marketplace. Firms like Tripp Lite, Paradyne Networks, Spectra Logic and Servergraph are a few of the companies we have represented.
Recently, I've shifted gears and have entrenched myself in the $4 billion IT market here in Toronto, more specifically in the Data Center market with a company called Care Factor Computer services. ( ) A Canadian company in its 20th successful year of business, catering to the Data Center market with 5 core strengths; Data Center design, build, maintenance, re-locate and finally co-location facilities. Care Factor is a professional engineering/project management and consulting engineering organization that has built over 120 data centers/rooms. We have a world class reputation for producing exceptional quality work, and are looking forward to applying our expertise here in Toronto - primarily. Care Factor has the capability of producing designs, or design audits throughout the US and Canada.
If your organization is looking for any and every kind of cost saving efficiencies in the data center, than Care Factor is THE firm to help you achieve those objectives.
Hello! I'm Kerie and I workas a Recruiter for Hitachi Data Systems. I'm looking for ways to network with storage professionals. We do have some positions open so take a look at our careers page at I'm not with an agency so I only have visibility to HDS specific openings but new opportunities are coming up all the time. I look forward to learning more about you and possibly helping you in your career goals if there is a match at HDS!



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