Data Center Energy Efficiency: The OptoEMU Sensor

Data centers are large facilities that include a huge assortment of servers and other computer hardware. Keeping this equipment operating and the facility up and running 24/7 is certainly of the utmost importance, but meeting the power requirements to accomplish this can be incredibly expensive. 

OPTO 22's OptoEMU Sensor is designed for maintenance engineers, facilities managers, business owners, energy consultants, and others looking for ways to better understand and reduce energy consumption. The Sensor can be implemented in these data centers to offer far more than a simple snapshot of the data center's total power usage presented on a local PC or operator interface terminal. Instead, the Sensor is able to identify the individual power draw of the specific loads of specific equipment, then communicate this data over standard IP-based networks where it can be easily accessed and viewed in both tabular and graphical formats either locally, or over the web via third party applications like Google PowerMeter and Pulse Energy's Pulse. 


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