European Data Hub and iTRACS Introduce a New Era of Customer Value in the Co-Lo Data Centre

European Data Hub and iTRACS are proud to usher in a new era of Customer Value in the co-location data centre.

A new level of business value and infrastructure management is now available for customers in the co-lo space:

European Data Hub

– Best-in-class, full underground Tier 4 data centre facilities, providing largest range of high tier certifications.


– World's leading open, enterprise-class Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software suite offering unparalleled command and control over the physical infrastructure.

The business value delivered to EDH customers includes the following areas:

Command and control over assets. EDH, its operator and its customers can now see and manage the entire inventories (data halls) in an interactive model. With this new level of visibility, EDH, can respond more rapidly and efficiently to changing business needs and service level requirements.

Better capacity management. Getting the most out of the existing capacity by optimizing assets, power, space, and cooling without putting operations at risk. iTRACS unlocks the data buried in devices and applications, turning it into actionable information that improves capacity management, space management, resource management, event management, etc. All of this leads to higher efficiency – more business output from the customer's existing capacity, ability to respond quickly and efficiently to new business needs without expanding their footprint, etc.

Lower energy costs. Reducing energy consumption and maximizing energy efficiency is issue #1 on the minds of most data centre managers. iTRACS helps reduce energy consumption and costs by consolidating hardware that is unused or underutilized, streamlining the power chain, eliminating "stranded power," etc.

Transparency and cost containment. Customers now have better insight into the infrastructure and can proactively explore ways to reduce operational costs. End-users can work side-by-side with EDH and its operating team using the same iTRACS visual model, to ensure the infrastructure is being used in an optimal manner.

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