Tivoli End-Point Security for High Value Data Storage in a Cloud Services Platform

Platform as a service seems to be a solution made in heaven for organizations with large and growing data storage needs. Sometimes however, organizations have both high volumes of data, and high value data, for which security and intrusion-prevention are significant concerns. This can be true in medical services organizations, where there may be many users, not all of whom are tech-savy, or in retail organizations, where there may be a great number of sales associates with varying degrees of experience or professionalism.

Naturally, any organization or business that moves its data storage to a cloud provider will first review the security record and proficiency of that provider; checking to be sure that their physical facility is well maintained and secure, that their staffing policies are reasonable, and that they have a good professional reputation and record.

Any contract with a cloud services provider should be very clear about what the different responsibilities of the customer and the provider are, with regard to security, and what the responsibilities of each will be in the event of a breach.

Once you have ensured that your cloud services provider is a good provider, with good security measures in place, and a clear contract specifying your mutual responsibilities, your security work is still not done. No matter how good the security measures taken by a cloud services, or Paas (Platform as a service) provider may be, you will still be physically in possession of the various “end points” of your system. That is to say, there will still be devices on which you and your employees enter and retrieve information for daily use in your business.

Tivoli is designed for you. Tivoli gives you immediate visibility for all end points of your IT system, so that you are immediately aware of any attempted breach or loss. Tivoli is an end-point system security management solution that enables organizations storing high-value data, or having a variety of end point users, to have confidence in the security of their devices and data, whether stored on-site, or in the cloud. With Tivoli securing every end point, it becomes very unlikely that an intruder will be able to use one of these devices, or data obtained from it, to access your organization’s other data stored remotely.

The goal is to allow authorized users at each of your devices or end points to access any appropriate and needed data from your entire data store, without allowing intruders or unauthorized users access to obtain or change any such data. Because it is an endpoint system, it is easy to scale up or down, according to the number of users or devices you have deployed, and regardless of the size of the data library protected.
Additionally, this system can be useful before, during, or after a transition from on-site data storage to public, private, or hypred cloud data storage, because it is not based on a server.

An organization that trusts its cloud services provider, but which also wishes to maintain direct responsibility for data security, would be happy with Tivoli because it adds on so easily in addition to security provisions that a cloud computing services provider deploys at the server and software levels.

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