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Ransomware Isn't Over Yet

We can't deny the fact that in the current digital age, a large audience are microchip driven and computer dependent. By the time people knew how to operate computer and related stuff, the market started to fill with new gadgets, devices and applications. But in a rush to feature new…


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Web Werks Hosts and Develops Web Portal for Maharashtra Pollution Control Board

Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) recently launched a web portal designed by Web Werks to promote 'Ease of Doing…


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Web Werks Awarded Retailer Of The Year For Best Cloud Data Centers And Internet Exchange

Leading cloud data center service provider, Web Werks has been awarded the Retailer of the Year for the category 'Cloud Data Centers' and 'Internet Exchange' by Times Ascent - Asia Retail Congress 2017, which was recently held at Taj, Bandra,Mumbai.…


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Why your business needs Cloud Data Backup?

Cloud data backup services is similar to traditional backup services, just that all the copies of data is stored over the Internet. Think about a disaster that caused irreversible damage to your data. All the years of…


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BYOD: Is it the New-Gen Big Hit?

Previously, employees used to work on the devices issued by the company that was entirely encrypted by strict set of guidelines that limited the usage of the device. But now things have changed completely and employees want more flexible ways to work and this have…


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Data Gravity in the Cloud Industry

Data gravity is a term coined by Dave McCrory stating that data keeps accumulating (building mass) and with that increases the probabilities of additional services and applications being attracted to this data. This is similar to the Law of Gravity.…


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The advantages of Cloud Application Control

According to researches, nearly 80 percent of employees that own mobile devices prefer using it to access corporate data, given that the technique is more flexible and enables them to work in real-time. In spite of the fact that accessing corporate data via mobile devices signifies potential security threat, legacy solutions were designed to combat the risk factors. This was way before the global explosion of web applications such as Dropbox, Facebook, etc. Since then, the…


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Steps to securing customer data from damages

 It's not surprising that the global security market is expected to reach $80 billion by2017. Last year, there have been a number of high-profile victims that caused massive property damage and this says that even the slightest of security gap can give you the biggest nightmare. While the…


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Why you should go for cloud hosting?

Cloud computing is a type of computing based on internet. In the past, when we had to run applications or program in a software, we were required to download the software in a physical computer or server that would take the process further. Cloud allows users to access the similar applications through the internet.

Cloud has been a big boom in the business as well due to its ability to deliver enterprise-level solutions at cost…


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How is flash storage transforming business?

Flash storage technology that was initially used to help make mobile devices lighter, sleeker and smarter, is now all set to play its part in the evolution of smart cities. But then the question arises that how the storage technology designed to portable computing has managed to reach at this peak. It all brings us to the point that these innovative storage solutions are risking their claim on plans for smart cities in India as well as internationally.…


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Internet of Things is about Data, Not Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is not just about connected devices, but it is more in connection with data storage. As our experts predict that 50 billion devices will be connected by 2020, it also brings with it a great deal of…


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Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Considerations

The current cloud backup solutions has replaced the traditional tape and hardware-dependent techniques. As cloud offers an agile approach to recovering data in the advent of a catastrophe, organizations are preferring the option. Even though cloud has become more streamline, there are still concern as to relying completely on cloud-based backup solutions for data recovery and to maintain business continuity.

Adding more layers of…


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Colocation and Cloud Computing are Closely Associated

Although cloud has earned the limelight, the shift to colocation services is growing swiftly. IDC predicts that by 2018, around 65% of all IT infrastructure will be on cloud or colocation data centers, but now the attention is more on cloud. This is happening in particular because on-premise infrastructures are either aging or undergoing consolidation.

However, along with the growth of cloud-based solutions,…


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Big Data and IoT Predictions 2017

No wonder big data and IoT have come a long way and with time, its going to evolve even more. The commencement of a new year also brings in many predictions for the 2017, let it be technology or other business domain. Let's take a look at what's ahead for Big Data and…


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Back up all your blog content before it's too late

When it comes to backing up your data, it simply doesn't mean using cloud services to backup only your business applications and mission-critical data. Backup is inevitable. Nearly 60% of people…


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MMRCL Achieves SKOCH Award for IT-Optimized R&R Systems Designed by Web Werks

Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (MMRCL) was awarded the SKOCH Silver Award for IT-enabled rehabilitation and resettlement system for Mumbai Metro Line – 3 project at the 46th Summit held recently at New Delhi. The Rail Corporation also received another recognition, which is the SKOCH Order-Of-Merit award for successfully qualifying amongst Top 100 projects in …


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How Cloud Technology Reshapes Business Approaches

Cloud continues to go through a transformational phase and whether you want it or not, this chapter of evolution will go on for years to come. Thanks to the advancement that it has paved way for business to take advantage of all the new things that has been put on the plate and meet the ever-growing requirements.

Cloud computing is virtually the major…


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Cloud Computing – Consumer vs Business Solutions

Advanced Cloud Hosting Providers from market leaders and other small-med cloud service providers have significantly helped disseminate cloud technology. Although we are ringed by cloud and use it broadly, many still don't understand what cloud is and how it actually matters.

For a common user, comprehending cloud technology must be way…


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Creating Business Case for Cloud Storage

With cloud posing as a evolutionary concept aiding organizations to grow financially and make businesses more agile, many organizations have taken a step ahead to become a part of this transition. We all know the bunch of advantages cloud offers as opposed to its…


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Web Werks Adds a New Version of Plesk to its List of Data Center Services

Web Werks Introduces Latest Generation of Plesk Control Panel, Plesk Onyx, the Leading WebOps Platform and the Only OS Agnostic Platform, to Help Automate Websites and Simplify Multiple Account Managements.

Web Werks' VPS and …


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