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Its World Backup Day on 31st March and Web Werks is giving 31 GB FREE BACKUP.

Its World Backup Day on 31st March and Web Werks is giving 31 GB FREE BACKUP.

Sign up today and enjoy the deal. Hurry! Offer Limited. Don't let the deal go away...

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It’s World Backup Day On 31st March – Are You Ready?

World Backup Day is a reminder for everyone to generate backups of their crucial files, folders and documents. Whether it is your personal data or professional, you need to produce an alternate option, so that you can still have your data, even if the primary documents are gone.


Why you need to backup?

Just imagine all your precious photographs, videos, and other data tragically crashed. In fact, this happens all the while. Hard disks crash on a daily basis. Now…


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How to Avoid Hosting Providers with Hidden Fees

We just can’t go out there and pick up any web hosting provider that is available. We need do a comprehensive homework, before we settle down with a particular company. Doing prior researches helps in finding the right service provider that can offer a fair deal. But do companies really serve customers with great, cost-effective plans? Certain enterprises persuade you with their swaying words and get you to buying their service, only to realize the hidden charge later that’s been added to…


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Is Flash Storage really A Faster, Cheaper and Better Solution?

Getting all the three exceptional features under one device is something that barely happens. If you’d be fortunate enough, you might get it, but possibly not at a bargain rate. Nonetheless, here we are discussing about flash storage and experts claim that it can offer all the three attributes. Then the question arises – is it a fact or just a myth?…


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First in India: Web Werks Data Center Hosts RIPE Atlas Anchor for Optimized Network Monitoring

Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd. becomes the first data center in India to host RIPE Atlas Anchor sponsored by the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC).

The RIPE Atlas project is an Internet measurement network that employs a global network of probes and anchors for the real time measurement of Internet connectivity. The RIPE Atlas Anchor is a more powerful version of the probe with a much greater…


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How seriously do you take your data security?

Big Data, Data Centers , web hosting, technology has become a part of our lifestyle. In this digital era, we highly rely upon technology, as it supports our day-to-day living. When our lifestyle is entirely dependent on the modern gadgets and devices, security directly becomes a priority.  Despite of million reminders and advices, people fail to maintain the degree of security crucial for…


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Five Server Security Tips That Every Administrator Must Practice

Datacenter servers system administrator know their job better than anyone else does. At first place, these sets of coworkers are the lifeline of any IT organization because they take up the challenge of managing web servers and ensuring that they function optimally and…


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