2018 is the year for Cloud Hosting

As technology gets more advanced day by day it is driving change in web hosting industry to meet those needs. Let's see why cloud hosting will keep on blooming in the year 2018.


Shared Hosting

With shared hosting, you get what you pay for. In case you pay Rs.650 every month, you get a server that has several sites on it and an offer of handling power that can pretty much adapt to three synchronous clients on your site. Shared hosting is shabby, yet that is its sole pro. When your webpage begins to affect adversely on other shared hosting accounts on a similar server, your web host will request that you 'update' to a VPS account.


VPS Hosting

Hosting on a virtual private server (VPS) is a trade-off. It is less expensive than a dedicated server, however, gives your website an ensured share of CPU and other server assets. In VPS hosting a physical server is partitioned utilizing programming into various virtual private servers. If anybody of the websites on the physical server crashes or is hacked, it can influence each VPS on that server.


Dedicated Server hosting

With a dedicated server, you are the only boss of the server, however, it comes at a high cost. You can also install whatever plug-ins you pick on your dedicated hosting server and have a completed control of your server, and your websites won't be affected by high traffic levels on others' destinations.


Cloud Hosting versus Conventional facilitating.


All traditional hosting has three huge weaknesses:

  •    It doesn't scale. Indeed, even with a dedicated server, when you achieve the limit of what your machine is able to do, you have to move up to a higher spec, which will cost more.
  •    You are bonded to a 12 months contract minimum.
  •    Powerful servers are high in the pocket.


How is cloud hosting better than traditional hosting?

  •    Scale assets in a snap to take care of the expanding traffic.
  •    Reduce operational expenses.
  •    Increase IT adequacy.
  •    Allows quick application execution and deployment. Along these lines, one can concentrate more on advancement while lessening framework overhead.
  •    Keep up with developing storage needs.
  •    Allow remotely located representatives to get to applications and work via the Internet.
  •    Setting up Cloud DR systems can be substantially snappier and simple while taking into consideration better control over assets.


With cloud hosting, you have the flexibility of a dedicated server for the cost of a VPS hosting. There is something else entirely to manage than with shared hosting, yet a decent hosting service will give web advisers for help. Cloud hosting, like other cloud applications, is winding up more broadly comprehended, preparing for its takeover in the following a year.


About Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd.:

Web Werks is an India-based CMMI Level 3 Web Hosting company with 5 carrier neutral data centers in India and USA. Started in 1996, Web Werks has served several Fortune 500 companies with successful projects in the areas of Web Hosting, Data Center Services, Dedicated Servers, Colocation servers, Disaster Recovery Services, VPS Hosting Services, and Cloud Hosting.

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Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd.


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