VPN is Not Safe for Cyberstalker.

VPN providers frequently publicize their products as a strategy for surfing the internet anonymously, guaranteeing they never store logs of client movement, however a recent criminal case demonstrates that at any rate a few, do store client action logs.

On 5th October 2017, the Department of Justice reported that it had arrested 24-year-old Ryan Lin from Newtown, Massachusetts on charges of cyberstalking.

The protestation against Lin uncovered that he had utilized various assault techniques to target Jennifer Smith which incorporate "doxxing (publicly presenting the credentials on her online records), posting intimate photographs and proposing they portrayed Smith, seeking through her personal diary and sending private data to her contacts, making counterfeit profiles of Smith on websites committed to prostitution, fixations and other sexual acts, bomb dangers and passing and rape threats also".

Lin utilized various privacy services to hide his activities, for example, signing in by means of the Tor Browser and utilizing a VPN to help disguise his IP address. He used anonymous worldwide messaging services and also seaward private email suppliers.

By utilizing a work computer in few of the assaults against Smith, Lin made a critical mistake that left traces of his action that law enforcement organizations were then ready to use to relate him to the 16-month long cyber crusade.

Officers also spotted that Lin used a website called TextNow to send anonymous SMS's and he was sending emails via end-to-end encrypted email service ProtonMail.

Examiners additionally found that Lin utilized the site TextNow to send unknown SMS messages and that he sent messages utilizing the conclusion to-end encoded email benefit ProtonMail. Evidence found on his work machine further proved that he utilized the VPN provider PureVPN as well as he had gotten to his very own Gmail account from the computer.

Amusingly in June, Lin sent a tweet assaulting IPVanish over its claim that the organization kept no logs, saying:

"There is no such thing as a VPN that doesn't keep logs. In the event that they can confine your associations or track transfer speed utilization, they keep logs."

The law does not make exemptions with regards to perpetrating a crime and cybercrime is a genuine offense.


How FBI Investigated the Cyberstalking Case?

PureVPN aid the FBI with the log history. FBI then figured out how to get logs from PureVPN, which connected him to the unlawful crusades against Smith and his other previous flatmates.

"Moreover, evidence from PureVPN demonstrate that similar email accounts—Lin's Gmail account and the teleportfx Gmail account—were retrieved from an identical WANSecurity IP address," the grumbling peruses.

And afterward the complaint goes ahead to state what might be very stressing for the individuals who trust VPNs are their most ideal approach to ensure their exercises on the web:

"Essentially, PureVPN could establish that their services were retrieved by a similar user from two originating IP addresses: the RCN IP address from the home Lin was living in at the time and the software company where Lin was utilized at the time."

Being one of the biggest and surely understood VPN suppliers, Hong Kong-based PureVPN is utilized by a huge number of clients over the world, which inevitably gave over subtle elements which a VPN should ensure against.

Lin was arrested by the experts on October 5, and if discovered guilty, he faces up to 5 years in jail and up to 3 years of "supervised release," as indicated by the DoJ.

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