Kenya's New Disruptive Technologies Revolution

The noise about the next big thing can make it difficult to identify which technologies truly matter. I will attempt to sort through the many claims to identify the technologies that have the greatest potential to drive substantial economic impact and disruption before or by 2030(our country’s vision set plan). Important technologies can come in any field or emerge from any scientific discipline, but they share four characteristics: high rate of technology change, broad…


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Planning Energy-Efficient and Eco-Sustainable Telecommunications Networks in Kenya & East Africa.

Innovations in science and technology have allowed our Kenyan telecommunications industry to expand services, reduce prices, and grow to meet the ever increasing demands from other sectors—sectors that increasingly rely on telecommunications to help them work efficiently while reducing their energy consumption. The current worldwide focus to reduce energy consumption and…


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Planning Energy-Efficiency within our Kenyan Telcos via IoT & BigData

Technology is changing rapidly for wireless, significantly changing the power requirements of the 6000+ base stations within our Kenyan Telcos infrastructure. These improvements increase the viability of using eco-friendly power and our Telcos have already seen this trend of IoT and are engaged in efforts to stop the trend of rising telecom energy demands. With so many options for reducing their eco-footprint, and considering the challenge of implementing changes while remaining profitable,…


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Future Work in Data Analysis and Forecasting within our Kenyan Telcos and Africa at large.

There has been recent progress in the analysis of call-center data.   Call-by-call  data  from a small number  of sites  have  been  obtained  and  analyzed,  and  these  limited  results  have  proven  to  be fascinating.    In  some cases,  such  as the  characterization of the  arrival  process  and  of the  delay of arriving  calls to the  system,  conventional assumptions and models of system  performance  have been upheld.  In others, such as the…


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There are now more connected machines than there are people on Earth and, with machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies enabling the internet of things (IoT), this is about to accelerate. Are we as Kenyans ready for the age of the machines?

At some point back in 2014, the number of connected devices in the world surpassed that of the human population, according to GSMA Intelligence, with 7.2bn devices versus 7.19bn humans. Two years later, according to the GSMA’s real-time tracker, there…


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