MTV: About Cabinet Cooling and Cubed Floors

Our Dutch partners have published a new issue of DatacenterWorks, their magazine aimed at people like, well, you. As most of you know, it is in Dutch and therefore unfortunately not very intelligible for the most of you. However, this month's cover story is rather interesting. It features a new computerroom for MTV, which serves the broadcasts in a large part of Europe.

So what is so special about it? Two things. Firstly, the whole room was built in a mere 2 months, which is very fast for a full blown 26 rack server room. Secondly, it has an innovative water cooling system which combines cabinet based heat exchangers with a building block form factor. These cabinets can work individually, or as one whole of a group. This is very scalable, and it allows for the relatively small room to house many servers at once.

Another detail I personally like is the floor, which is built up in a way to make putting up new cabling a breeze. Steel frames form cubes, which are easy to access and still don't waste much energy. Nice touch that.

Again, too bad it is in Dutch. But if you have some spare time left, Google Translate will help you along quite nicely

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