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IBM XIV storage system concepts and implementation technique

Meeting the changing needs of space requirements in a data storage system is an obstacle that has proven difficult for many companies to negotiate over the years.

For example, more and more medical facilities have switched to completely electronic medical records. Such changes place a huge burden in way of storage on an existing network infrastructure. Other times, these problems have come from self-inflicted origins. More often than not, this is a result of inadequate…


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Integrate cloud computing infrastructure solutions into their IT environment

The cloud has become one of the most widely talked about computer network solutions. Cloud computing is shifting how everyone is using their computers as it allows users greater flexibility by allowing users to access an array of tools from nearly any location.

The cloud concept originally developed from a desire to allow users the ability to access data from remote locations. Cloud capabilities over the past couple years have bloomed as cloud platforms are not only used as…


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Business continuity and disaster recovery strategies for Healthcare Companies

Planning for a disaster is a practice in which every business must participate. No matter how brilliant your IT staff and how grand your server rack, hardware can still fail for what seems to be no apparent reason.

Your team needs to be ready to meet catastrophe as soon as it surfaces. No healthcare system uses the same server environment nor do any back up data in the exact same fashion so no business will execute the exact the same recovery plan. Though a parallel disaster…


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IBM system storage DS8000 implementation technique

Your data is arguably the most important commodity to your business. Client records, research data, financial information, project planning files, product/service archives and more are what molded your business into what it is today. The safety of this data should always be a primary concern. The speed at which you are able to access your data should be a concern as well. Such criterion have been taken to heart in the design of the IBM DS8000 series storage system. This solution offers…


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Using IBM Virtualization engine TS7700 in a Disaster Recovery Plan

Your network infrastructure should reflect strength and perseverance, just like your business model itself. Just as there are peaks and valleys in our daily lives, business is subject to experience the same manner of cycles in both financial growth and productivity. Implementing a solid disaster recovery plan is critical to minimize down time in the event of a catastrophe. A myriad of disaster recovery tactics are available in today’s market but not all are created equal. IBM offers a…


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Implementing VNA with IBM Storage

Our world is taking a new direction as we embrace the technology available today that grants us more convenience in our lives by cutting down clutter. No more pens. No more paper. No more bulky file cabinets, littered with records emblazed with hand written notes.

Today, personal records for anything and everything are stored on computers, making the pen and paper obsolete pieces in the retention of pertinent business information. This change is most prominent in the medical…


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Solving Healthcare Problems with Tivoli: Electronic Health Records in the Cloud with Excellent Security and Reliability

Medical facility administrators have many and varied responsibilities, for patients, staff, physicians, facilities, public relations, and for information management. In the US, the push to qualify for the billions of dollars of federal funds available as an “incentive” for rapid transition to EHR (Electronic Health Records) adds a layer of complexity and urgency to the work of information management.

Most medical service providers have been gradually transitioning some of their…


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Tandem Installation of Storwize V7000 &Tivoli Endpoint Security Optimizes Server Function

It can be a bleak day for the CIO, CFO, or both, when he or she realizes that the business’s servers are getting beyond their capacity, and must soon be replaced. Judicious selection of IT appliances may solve the outgrown server problem at far less cost to the company, while still allowing the company to grow its data storage capacity, maintain or restore computer speed of function, and adopt improved security measures.

The biggest IT developments for 2011 and 2012 are…


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European Data Hub increases its large range of high tier certifications

European Data Hub increases its large range of high tier certifications

After the Tier 4 certification provided by the Uptime Institute, European Data Hub enlarges its wide range of certifications by receiving the highest 5 stars evaluation from ECO (Verband der deutschen Internetwirtschaft e.V.)…


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www.DataCenterVendors.Com &

Hello members,


We want to let you know about a two great new sites to serve our industry.  Firstly, our directory at www.DataCenterIndustry.Biz is no longer reachable and is instead being replaced by:


  1. www.DataCenterVendors.Com -  The Data Center Vendor Database, now live, will provide a way for data center…

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