March 2016 Blog Posts (25)

Its World Backup Day on 31st March and Web Werks is giving 31 GB FREE BACKUP.

Its World Backup Day on 31st March and Web Werks is giving 31 GB FREE BACKUP.

Sign up today and enjoy the deal. Hurry! Offer Limited. Don't let the deal go away...

For More  Details:  …


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Go4Hosting VPS Hosting Service Now Available With 1+1 Exclusive Offer For Limited Period

Go4Hosting, the premier web hosting service that’s preferred by most organizations for all their website and applications hosting needs, has announced an attractive and enticing 1+1 Holi exclusive VPS hosting offer for a limited period of time. The offer is available for both Linux and Windows VPS server hosting services.

“We are happy to offer our customers the…


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Top 5 Reasons to opt for Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting has started becoming popular among mid-sized and large companies since 2012 because of substantial development in the fields of capabilities and features. Multiple attractive attributes are there for the businesses and individuals who need demanding websites, having significantly high traffic. If you are looking for an advanced form of hosting solution, more control over your data, and enhanced security dedicated server hosting is the solution. However, if a business…


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It’s World Backup Day On 31st March – Are You Ready?

World Backup Day is a reminder for everyone to generate backups of their crucial files, folders and documents. Whether it is your personal data or professional, you need to produce an alternate option, so that you can still have your data, even if the primary documents are gone.


Why you need to backup?

Just imagine all your precious photographs, videos, and other data tragically crashed. In fact, this happens all the while. Hard disks crash on a daily basis. Now…


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Windows VPS Hosting- Is It The Right Choice?

Businesses that are considering the pros and cons of Windows VPS hosting, might be asking if this is the correct option for them. This type of hosting is ideal for businesses that require benefits, and dedicated resources. On a shared server, you may not have the type of bandwidth you need or the freedom to add the types of applications and tools your website requires. That is not to say that a shared server is not alright for those starting out with an online venture. It is perfect for…


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How to Avoid Hosting Providers with Hidden Fees

We just can’t go out there and pick up any web hosting provider that is available. We need do a comprehensive homework, before we settle down with a particular company. Doing prior researches helps in finding the right service provider that can offer a fair deal. But do companies really serve customers with great, cost-effective plans? Certain enterprises persuade you with their swaying words and get you to buying their service, only to realize the hidden charge later that’s been added to…


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Go4Hosting Makes VPS Server Solutions More Exciting For New Customers With The One Plus One Offer

Go4Hosting, the leading hosting service provider with an impeccable track record of delivering the most powerful hosting solutions has announced a new exciting offer for new customers. They can now avail of an exclusive one plus one offer on the VPS server hosting plans of the company.

“We are glad to announce an exciting and hard-to-refuse offer for new customers looking for VPS server hosting service,” says Anuj Bairathi, the CEO of Go4Hosting.  “We are committed to provide our…


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Is Flash Storage really A Faster, Cheaper and Better Solution?

Getting all the three exceptional features under one device is something that barely happens. If you’d be fortunate enough, you might get it, but possibly not at a bargain rate. Nonetheless, here we are discussing about flash storage and experts claim that it can offer all the three attributes. Then the question arises – is it a fact or just a myth?…


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Bonanza Awaits New Customers As CloudOnGo Announces Dedicated Server Hosting 1+1 Offer

CloudOnGo is offering an exciting one plus one offer on their dedicated server service for new customers. It is a great opportunity to buy the best dedicated service available at the most competitive price. This new extended New Year bonanza can be booked right away from the CloudOnGo website.

“Our dedicated server services, powered by industry-leading hardware can be yours at the best price of the year,” says Anuj Bairathi, the CEO of CloudOYE. “Our service comes with a suite of high…


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First in India: Web Werks Data Center Hosts RIPE Atlas Anchor for Optimized Network Monitoring

Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd. becomes the first data center in India to host RIPE Atlas Anchor sponsored by the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC).

The RIPE Atlas project is an Internet measurement network that employs a global network of probes and anchors for the real time measurement of Internet connectivity. The RIPE Atlas Anchor is a more powerful version of the probe with a much greater…


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Cloudongo Offering Clients Colocation Server and Peace of Mind

Cloudongo is bringing its 10 years of experience delivering secure hosting services to offer colocation server hosting.

Many businesses are now opting for colocation server services, primarily because of zero upfront capital expenditure.

A CIO of a leading IT company has this to say, “The times are shifting in favor of colocation and managed hosting services. Soon both these services will surpass in-house and on-premise environments”.

The main driver for businesses to choose…


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Why A Growing E-Commerce Website Needs A Dedicated Server?

For an e-commerce startup, the first and foremost thing is to have a server. To create an ideal business with high volume of e-commerce transactions, the servers that brings a lot of ease are dedicated servers.

At first, a business must have all its processes on a single computer system and you may be satisfied. When you see business expansion, it increases the website traffic and makes the companies to invest in dedicated…


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Go4Hosting Announces An Impressive Cloud Server India 50% Cash Back Offer

Go4Hosting, the premier hosting service provider with an impeccable reputation for delivering high quality service using the latest technologies, has announced cloud server India 50% cash back offer for those ordering their cloud server solutions. This offer will make the service more attractive and extremely affordable, especially for startups looking for a features-rich yet affordable cloud…


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Advantages and Considerations when Opting for Collocation Hosting India

Collocation hosting in India has caught up big time. In an age when most companies are hard pressed for space, they are finding it much easier to opt for a data centre space and use for hosting your server data. However, the concept of collocation hosting needs to be understood well before you can proceed with one such plan. One of the best ways to ensure a great plan of action is to go over the advantages and disadvantages of the plan and choose subsequently.

Start with an…


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Go4Hosting Colocation Server Solutions Preferred By Clients For Its Unique Features And Solid Security

the premier hosting service provider with an impeccable reputation for quality hosting solutions is offering secured colocation server solutions, designed to meet the unique requirements of various businesses. The company specializes in delivering highly scalable and resilient colocation server solutions, that comes with highest level of security, ensuring complete safety of critical business data.

“If you are looking for better availability for your data and applications and need…


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Go4Hosting Committed To Delivering Best Quality VPS Hosting Solutions At Competitive Prices

Organizations looking for premium quality and professionally managed VPS hosting service can now visit for some truly amazing offers in this niche. Go4Hosting is one of the leading data center and cloud hosting solution providers with an impeccable reputation for delivering world class server hosting solutions for companies of all sizes and across all industry verticals.

“We are proud to have the capabilities to help you empower your website with highly scalable and…


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World's First Complete Data Centre Operations Standard - EPI-DCOS®

Something long awaited for in the data centre industry is finally here - a COMPLETE data centre operations and maintenance standard.

The EPI-DCOS® (EPI Data Centre Operations Standard®) was launched globally 2 days ago.  It is the first standard in the…


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Go4Hosting Expands its Clientele with its Irresistible 1+1 VPS Offer

Go4Hosting, a trusted web hosting and data center service benefactor, has succeeded to widen its revenue streams with its lucrative 1+1 VPS hosting offer. VPS hosting services are meant for businesses seeking granular control complemented with effective performance and dedicated computing capabilities.

In virtual private server hosting, a physical server runs a hyper visor to manage the functionality of all…


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What Factors Are Driving Data Center Growth in India?

In India, billions of rupees are spent on data centre infrastructure to cater to the ever-growing needs of businesses. Choosing the right data center infrastructure has become far more difficult for the companies trying to differentiate themselves in this technology-driven world.

Some factors driving such need are as follows:

  • Lot of companies have taken the decision to merge their collection of server rooms and data…

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How seriously do you take your data security?

Big Data, Data Centers , web hosting, technology has become a part of our lifestyle. In this digital era, we highly rely upon technology, as it supports our day-to-day living. When our lifestyle is entirely dependent on the modern gadgets and devices, security directly becomes a priority.  Despite of million reminders and advices, people fail to maintain the degree of security crucial for…


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