November 2018 Blog Posts (8)

Role of new technologies, such as big data, machine learning, and analytics, in DMaaS

The way organizations perform businesses is changing at a quick pace, the world has jumped from a time of traditional marketing to a period where relatively every digital information has a solid media components including exhausting office productivity tools.…


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Unisecure is releasing High-Speed Content Delivery Network with their hosting plans

Philadelphia 27th November 2018 | Unisecure, one of the leading data centers in the US provides a high-speed content delivery network to deliver fast, rich user experience for internet application that optimizes engagement. With data center spread across the globe, Unisecure data center caches the content so your website loads with blazing speed.



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Evolution of SaaS

SaaS (software as a service) is a method of delivering software where customers can access the data online. These applications are hosted by service vendors or providers and maintain servers, code, and databases. A complete software solution is provided by SaaS on a pay-as-you-go basis from a cloud provider…


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Improve Content Distribution with Multi-CDN and Hybrid CDNs.

Content delivery networks (or CDNs) offer a dependable content distribution system for sites and online video platforms over the world. These systems work to accelerate content conveyance, for example, pages, videos, diversions, and even programming…


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Future of Dedicated hosting in the cloud era.

Do you have any plans to switch to cloud hosting and about to say bye to the traditional dedicated servers, because of exposure to cloud computing? This kind of exposure gives an indirect link that other forms of hosting are slowly losing their importance. …


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What are the other important services provided by the hosting provider?

Hosting refers to a practice of hosting a site on a web server which can be accessed from the network and can be viewed online. There are millions of web hosting providers in the world who own web hosting and allows the website to get space with characteristics like CPU, RAM, Disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, and other aspects. These services are hosted on servers and this server resides in physical structures called data…


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Unisecure To Deliver More Quality And Reliability In Co-Location Services

Unisecure, a leading web hosting provider in the US is keen to bring in more reliability and quality in their colocation services. Unisecure offers 1U rack to private cabinets with remarkable value proposition with a safe, world-class data center with 24x7 support team with trusted IT accomplice.…


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Choosing the Right Infrastructure for your Reseller Business

Picking the right hosting provider for your business can be a frightening experience for any individual who doesn’t hold a knowledgeable of a data…


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