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Load Balancer Device and Configurations.

Do you get too many visitors on the website, getting maximum hits on your site may crash your site, your site may get stuck or it may go through a downtime? How to avoid such instances?

Configuring a load balancer to your website can sort your problem. This load balancer device will help in distributing networks across numbers of servers. These devices are used to maximize the reliability and capacity of the network. The overall performance of the network is increased as this load…


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Benefits of Hyper-V replica

Hyper-V Replica:

Hyper V replica is virtual machine replication technology made for disaster recovery and business continuity. A virtual machine can be replicated from one location to another by using Hyper V and a network connection to it. This replica can work with any server network, storage or vendor.

Benefits of Hyper-V replica:

1. In the event of a failure at your primary sites…


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Data Center Container from Prior1

Hi There, 

we developed a new data center container:

More Informations, Pictures and technical Details under: RZ Container

What do you…


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How To protect Website security and Privacy?

Sometimes the best method to tackle any task are the simplest ones. The website needs to be safe from hackers. Being the owner of the website the most terrifying thought would be seeing your data wiped out by the hackers.

It is important to keep all platforms or scripts installed the update as hackers aggressively target security flaws in web software and programs need…


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Introducing The Kidde Fire Protection Advanced 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Extinguishing System

An innovative advanced delivery clean agent fire suppression system designed to meet the needs of today’s developing data centre.

Data centre technology is constantly evolving and the same can be said for the fire suppression technology within them. Kidde Fire Protection have launched their innovative advanced delivery clean agent fire suppression system ADS ™ developed to provide fire protection for larger data centres.

At the heart of the Kidde ADS™ system is proven fire…


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Gain the confidence of your Site audience using SSL certificate.

With more advanced technology in the market. The major source to search any information is the internet, which is relevant and accurate which makes people spend a lot of time on the web. As the usage of internet is increased there is also a negative trait associated which includes fraudulent…


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Unisecure Data Centers is 71% cheaper than AWS and Google Cloud

Philadelphia 6th February 2019 | Unisecure, a leading data center in US offers better competitive pricing with their hosting services. Founded in 1996, Unisecure Data Centers has been providing hosting services like Linux…


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What is SaaS all about? Software as a service (SaaS)

With its lower price and substantial benefits, SaaS adoption is skyrocketing. But, what is SaaS all about? Software as a service (SaaS) is a key factor in the cloud computing ecosystem.

SaaS users can rent or subscribe to a…


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Data Center Facility

A Datacenter facility which is also referred to as a data storage center, data storage vault or data center which is building where mission-critical systems such as communications and computing are housed. For data backup service providers they utilize an autonomous, disaster – hardened data center facility which helps them to maintain the integrity of their secure…


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50,000+ Happy Customers at Unisecure Data Centers

Philadephia US 22nd January 2019 | Unisecure one of the leading data centers in the US is pleased to announce the milestone of reaching 50000 plus customers. Just around a two years ago, Unisecure had just seen user number of 18000, with a big jump crossing 50000+ customers which signifies sharp growth in there hosting…


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