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Benefits of the True Green Hosting VS Carbon Offsetting

‘Go Green’ is one of the most common slogans proclaimed all across the globe, expecting industries emitting life-threatening gases would move to an eco-friendly platform and utilize safe solutions. Web hosting is yet another prevalent IT business consuming excessive energy to power the host of web servers housed in data centers. Green hosting directly practices environmental friendly resources to…


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Web Werks and FissionCloud announces Build your Own DRaaS Plans

Web Werks & FissionCloud announced their strategic go-to-market partnership for India and Middle East market. The tie-up between the two major IT entities intends to target the SMB enterprise and corporate customers in these regions through their strong alliances with the System Integration partners. 

They have already announced the Build Your Own DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) for the partners and have outlined a long-term relationship to make it a great success. The core…


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Web Werks Plans To Expand Data Center Footprint in India

Mumbai, February 03, 2016: In a press conference held in the city today, Web Werks announced its business expansion plans of launching a well-designed, highly efficient and advanced data centers at Bengaluru, Chennai and New Delhi. The company is all set…


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Weighing the Challenges of BYOD and Dealing with them successfully

Data centers and network services have grown so advanced that today any place can become your office. Working from remote locations is no more a thing of tomorrow. There is a sudden shift in the demand for network access and availability anytime, anywhere. Many people are even crying out for internet as free basics. One of the facet of network…


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Web Werks Hosts All Major DNS Root Servers in India

Web Werks, one of the leading cloud hosting services providers, hosts all major DNS root servers in India. The company stands one among only 3 providers as ICANN accredited Registrar in India. Recently, second L-Root was successfully installed in India by Web Werks in a joint operation with ICANN.

“Web Werks already hosts most of the critical internet infrastructure along with major DNS…


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Web Werks Cloud VPS FAQ

1] What is Web Werks Cloud Mission?

Web Werks Cloud mission is to bring its leading enterprise technology and business applications software to customers, anywhere in the world, through the internet. We strive to offer our clients with most cost-effective yet highly efficient cloud computing services, further allowing them to…


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It is crucial for businesses to have a disaster recovery plan?

Businesses today are unimaginable without having an online presence through websites. You can choose from several providers of data center solutions to build your website and host your data. Once you have got your website running you need to make sure it’s always up and running. Dependence on internet and data resources are incremental, therefore, like any other business asset, your mission critical…


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Data Centers: Building vs. Buying

The challenges of IT industry are deepening further everyday with ever-changing involvements in the technological horizons. This is one of the prime reasons data centers in India have to shuffle their arrangements endlessly for sustaining enough space, cooling and energy at the facility.

IT managers and CTOs are often faced with this question whether to…


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Security Advantages of a Web Based POS

Today a business website has become an essential part of any organization, irrespective of the industry they belong to. But now only a business website will be of no help. With the emergence of smartphone culture and rise in number of touch device users, web based POS has become the modern solution to help businesses tap the users.

Here are some of never-before advantages of a web based POS

You can sell from anyplace: Web based POS allows mobility. You do not need…


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5 Features Good Ecommerce Hosts Should Offer

Today, with faster internet services, 3G, 4G, advanced and affordable touch devices, you can literally carry the world in your pockets. Just one touch on the device and you get the jobs done in a jiffy - online banking, form submissions, ticket bookings, registrations, news, and of course shopping- the most trending online practice. Internet has completely transformed the way of living and even the lifestyles of people around the world. We can order anything from the comfort of our home,…


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Internet of Things calls for preparation of Data Centers

Internet is the medium to keep people connected and communicate with each other. But now utility of internet has reached beyond the ‘person-to-person’ communication. Now, the Internet will also connect a network of several objects through which data can be collected and integrated for better efficiency and accuracy.

Wikipedia explains IoT as the network of physical objects or "things" embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects…


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Software-Defined Infrastructure: Tomorrow's Data Center Today

Data Centre Companies in India is growing enormously, attracting many foreign IT investments in the nation. A recent report by Gartner says that data center infrastructure market in India will reach $2 Billion by 2016. The volume itself speaks about the promising future of Indian data centers. Moreover, the cloud storage market here is forecasted to cross $307 Million in 2016 that means a 3 percent hike from…


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Benefits of combining Virtualization and Colocation Servers

Data centers are on a constant drive for expanding their capacity and efficiency. This is one of the prime reasons data center solution providers are working towards innovative hybrid technologies, by leveraging the capabilities of legacy resources. One of such hybridizations is related to the combination of data center colocation and virtualization technology. Both the technologies are exceptional, therefore, unifying their capabilities lead to greater resource efficiency. Moreover,…


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How to find out about Baas Solution Advantages

We are living in the information age where every day newer technologies emerge and evolve. One of such emerging concepts is BaaS, i.e. Backend-as-a-service. Many of us have heard of IaaS, Paas and SaaS cloud solutions, but BaaS is a fresh cloud based backend solution. This article is about this unique service, which has been designed especially for the mobile application developers and currently has…


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VPS Location: Does it Matters?

Virtual Private Server is the popular choice for website hosting server because it comes with more than enough space, security and speed in the most economical price. Features of VPS hosting best suit the needs of small and medium enterprises. If you are one of those budding entrepreneurs looking for virtual private server hosting services, you need to look upon various factors such as whether you want Linux or Windows VPS hosting, how much disk space, RAM and bandwidth will be enough for…


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Components of Software-Defined Data Center.

Software-defined data center services are said to be changing the IT landscape and building more automated capabilities in the future. These virtualized data centers have spurred as the technologies of tomorrow, which will completely transform the data center architecture.

Virtualization has revolutionized the server management as it makes one machine work as many. It results into optimized…


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Are we going greener with new Data Centers?

Internet Data is multiplying and growing everyday which has given a push to the growth of data center Industry. Servers in these data centers produce immense amount of carbon emissions. On one hand, IT industry is rapidly growing adding more number of data centers. While on the other hand, everyone is concerned about global warming and environmental issues. Constant efforts are being made to minimize…


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Aspects of Data Center Colocation Products and Services

Internet has made the global information locally available. There are multiple web hosting options available to the users including data center colocation services in India. Web hosting industry has also evolved from an in-house data server room earlier to a complete data center industry today. …


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Virtual Private Server Hosting Is the New Insurgency In SEO Merchandise

Virtual Private Server hosting is the ideal choice for many web clients because of its numerous advantages in a negligible monthly fees. In fact, Virtual Private Server hosting also helps greatly in maximizing SEO results because of its…


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Why dedicated servers are vital to the online network connection?

The businesses in its start-up phase usually prefer to go with shared hosting as they have limited web traffic and small IT requirements. Virtual dedicated server is another cheaper web hosting option which comes with great features, usually preferred by Small businesses. But as soon as organizations start growing, eventually their website traffic increase leading to increase in their IT requirements.


Dedicated server…


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