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Server Failure? Not Here.

Today’s businesses are searching for ways to reduce costs, yet maintain reliable access to critical Web and cloud-based applications—even in the event of server hardware failure...


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Separating Hype From Reality About High-Efficiency or “Eco-Mode” UPSs

If you have dealt with UPSs for any length of time, you have no doubt heard plenty of hype about high-efficiency or “ecomode” UPSs in the past. Those terms generally referred to UPSs that switched between modes to improve efficiency. Some form of multi-mode capability has been available on UPS products for years. But, those conventional multi-mode UPSs have their limitations...



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Simplifying Data Center Management with Converged Network Fabrics

Two disruptive trends have recently dramatically increased the data protection challenge: massive growth of digital data and the adoption of virtualization technologies that are driving server consolidation. Massive growth in data storage and processing and a decrease in physical server counts with virtualization technologies...


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Private PaaS: Highly Beneficial To Enterprises

Public PaaS, for a variety of reasons, is not accessible to a majority of enterprise IT use cases. However, PaaS in general is highly beneficial to enterprises as it automates typically mundane and long running tasks such as application deployment and provides a foundational architecture for guest application scalability. Private PaaS allows enterprise developers to access the value of PaaS without the accessibility problems of public PaaS since it is offered to them by their own IT…


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How one of the ‘Top 20 Cloud Infrastructure Vendors of 2011’ Found a Better IT Management Solution

As enterprises with large-scale applications or content adopt cloud computing and managed services, the costs to properly monitor, analyze and report on availability and performance become more challenging and more expensive. That challenge and its associated cost was just one of many reasons Stephanie Tayengco, Vice President of Network Operations and the Logicworks team sought a better IT management solution...



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Data Center Energy Efficiency - Looking Beyond PUE

The Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metric has become the de facto standard for measuring data center energy efficiency. PUE compares the total power going into a data center with the amount of power used to power IT equipment (servers, storage, and network). There is increasing pressure being exerted on data center managers to take measures to reduce the PUE. Unfortunately, the proper usage of PUE is often misunderstood and, by focusing solely on this single metric, it may…


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Transitioning to IPv6

Organizational inertia is the single biggest challenge to the embrace of IPv6 in many large telecom companies. Fear, uncertainty and doubt are often factors; indeed, it is often difficult to devote resources to immediate problems, let alone to a problem whose costs will accrue at an unknown time. Another factor is the...


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The Real Cost of Manual Asset Management

People are often surprised to find that the cost of gathering the IT asset data is often as much as or even more than the cost of the management system itself.

There are several obvious costs. First, there is the cost of the asset management system itself. Add to this the cost of the initial collection and recording of the asset data. Finally, add the cost of performing manual audits of the data on an ongoing basis. In…


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Data Center Asset Management - Searching for the Optimal Solution

A data center can contain thousands of assets, from servers, storage and network devices to infrastructure support equipment such as Computer Room Air Conditioners, PDUs and UPSs. Keeping track of these assets is an ongoing task faced by data center managers around the world. A Digital Realty Trust survey found that only 26% of data center managers could locate a server that had gone down within minutes. Only 58% could locate the server within 4…


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How To Protect Your Network Against Zero-Day exploits, Brute Force Attacks and APTs

Throughout the first half of 2011, cyber criminals stunned the business community with unprecedented attacks on industries once thought impregnable. Despite a substantial increase in IT security spending this year – up 4.5 percent from 2010 according to a Morgan Stanley survey – spear-phishing campaigns, security flaws in SecureID tokens, and an increase in Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) have led to successfully executed attacks against companies like Sony, Citigroup, Lockheed Martin,…


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